August 20, 2015

Trump Card

The Donald soon after receiving a few of GSL's "abusive swipes" after an actual insult to a woman. Trump was later seen being raced over to a bouffant triage station for a wash & set.

The Den decided a tipping point has been reached. This recent collective hissy fit over The Donald's supposed reference of Fox's  Megyn Kelly and "blood... coming out of her...whatever" with one irate woman trumping up as an "abusive swipe at all women" rendering that same usually astute observer "so appalled she was speechless" is just too much to bear and shall not go unanswered. Allow GSL to put things in proper perspective. To be clear, The Den thinks of The Donald, at his best, as nothing more than a cartoon figure not to be taken seriously; albeit, a cartoon figure with superb business acumen.  Donald has taken plenty of impolite, ungentlemanly, and yes, sexist swipes at women and far more abusive jabs at men. He's an equal opportunity verbal abuser which any grown-up, with a fully formed mind, should just dismiss as the plaintive ramblings of an insecure cad.

Megyn Kelly is actually a pretty good television journalist and  interviewer. Her handling of the Fox Debate was a little too self promotional but not over the top.  I have no idea why she did a photo shoot like this.
I would have strongly discouraged, but it doesn't negate the quality of her work although I do know if a male colleague
ever did something similar, he would never be taken seriously again.

I just listened to the actual interview of Trump with Don Lemon of CNN where this alleged "abusive swipe at all women" occurred.  Here it is if anyone is looking to be "rendered speechless".  Somehow, I was able to recite the Sticks & Stones Nursery Couplet after a listen.  GSL knows far more about the male psyche than a hyper-eager victim group matron of ceremonies who interprets every imagined slight with the most vicious motives.  It was obvious  this was just a clumsy attempt to say Ms. Kelly was 'out for blood' without any allusion to her period. Then Trump appeared to lose his train of thought and possibly suspected he was in dangerous territory and withdrew.  Even if he had directly connected Megyn Kelly's aggressive questioning to a women's plumbing issue, the assertion wouldn't be inaccurate, even if distasteful, least according to the testimony of countless women.

Comediennes have built careers talking about their PMS rages to a female audience laughing hysterically with "you go girl" cheers.  I can't listen to a morning radio show without the perky female co-host referencing a PMS punch line.  Here is Mary J. Blige singing about it. Last I heard, Mary J has yet to face any 'Neanderthal' charges.  Given my famously queasy nature, I wish women never talked publicly of their personal health issues.  I have heard women bragging about playing hooky from work by calling their male boss with the "that time of month" excuse as every straight man I know, doesn't want to touch the subject.

Den FAV: The Sensational Mary J. Blige. During my Iraq Tour, just before lights out, the final song played was Pappy's
torch song Be Without You

Trump is a buffoon, and has actually said far more disrespectful things about women and I predict his campaign will end with a very painful, and justified, comeuppance. My candidate, Carly Fiorina, should just let him implode and when they are cast side by side on a debate stage, the obvious fact she's more than twice the human being he could ever hope to be will come shining through.

So how many women is it that now accuse Cosby of rape? Around 40 I believe. According to the late David Carr of the New York Times in one of his last columns, many journalists knew of those allegations, and successful lawsuit, against Cosby, but were afraid to investigate with political correctness being the unsaid but obvious reason. No one had the guts to look into it until Chicago comedian Hannibal Buress (below) called him out.

Finally, the victim culture needs to end. I know it's a sweet gig getting to be plaintiff, judge, jury, statutory authority, and defendant's lead counsel to settle scores, not on principles, but to avenge painful adolescent memories adults formerly were expected to outgrow.  Cases are only brought forward when the accused is a member of that phantom menace....The Patriarchy.

Dr Dre of the just released and critically acclaimed Straight Outta Compton.
At least 3 women have claimed he beat the shit out of them. The uber-hip 'Dre'
maintains, of one accuser, that he "only threw her through a door".  Kudos to The Daily Mail for running this story and finally calling out real abuse and misogyny that runs rampant in the hip-hop community.

Thank goodness there are responsible journalists calling out actual abusers of women.

Kudos to Michael Moynihan of The Daily Beast for exposing the rampant physical abuse and misogyny of The Black Panthers.

The Black Panthers enjoyed a long fashionable reign as the original co-conspirator of Radical Chic so deliciously satired by Tom Wolfe in his iconic New York Magazine essay: That Party at Lenny's

Leonard Bernstein (center) flanked by wife Felicia Montealegre and Black Panther Don Cox.
Lest anyone doubt Lenny's somber earnestness, take note of his cute little black outfit.


  1. Too funny! Part of my family went to see Compton this afternoon and loved it. I agree about donald and our collective responsibilities to call BS when we see it!

    1. I have heard nothing but the highest praise about this Compton flick. I agree about calling the BS too dear Wendy but all this 'rendering speechless' and hyperbolic outrage at least in this Megyn Kelly instance was just so flimsy and ridiculous...there are real charges to be leveled at Trump over his sexist talk but white women (and men) tend to lose their nerve when calling out men committing far more serious offenses who aren't white, wealthy, and hetero male.
      The New York Times did a piece on the epidemic of domestic violence committed by NFL players. One outraged reader was furious....not about the numerous incidents of violence committed by wealthy NFL players against women but her fury was because the NYT only cited black NFL players....anybody that is a regular NYT reader knows that if there had been a white NFL domestic abuser, the story would have centered around him. In this PC world with a mad dash to point causation of inner city problems at cops, there are many crime statistics that dare not speak their name...indeed the Obama Justice Department stopped identifying perpetrators by race while continuing to identify victims by race. I live in a big city with a high crime rate and less than 100 yards from my front yard a murder was committed on a young Pakistani grad student but the police and newspapers wouldn't release a physical description of the suspect even though there was an eye witness. I found out from the college that the suspect was a young black male about 22yo. I was interested in knowing in case the physical description matched the young black guy who sucker punched me in the lobby of my building who was already wanted on 2 outstanding felony arrest warrants.

      The murder suspect is still at large from this murder early last December.

  2. Interesting post, GSL. I was not offended about what the Donald said re Megyn, I'm with you, I think he was just trying to say she was out for blood and he didn't think out what he was going to say in advance. I like him in the campaign to force the rest of the Republicans to say exactly where they are on the issues at hand but I can't see him getting the nomination at all. I can see him running as an Independent and splitting the vote, but at this point I don't know which side would get to the White House if that actually takes place! As for Megyn Kelly, she is not a serious, or real, journalist. Oh please. The photo alone proves it. I read she was a "lawyer" before she moved into TV and I'm sure that picture of her was her calling card. I feel quite positive the Republicans love her and isn't she just so Fox TV-worthy! I think the Donald has a little crush on her, to tell you the truth. Oh, and I LOVE that photo of Donald with his hair all over the place. Hilarious! xx

    1. Fox does have quite a stable of blond beauties don't they. I only today saw that Trump interview that caused all the fuss. Megyn Kelly is pretty good as I have seen her do a few interviews. Yes, the cheesecake poses are ridiculous. What the hell was she thinking?!?!

  3. Oh dear, well that is an unfortunate photo shoot. We have had a couple of politicians do similar here.. one was a female politician (leader of her party) who agreed to go in the Woman's Weekly (very large mass market magazine) dressed in a vampy black dress with a feather boa wrapped around her neck lounging on a chaise looking highly uncomfortable…. of course it was the picture always used of her by newspapers whenever she was then in the press for whatever reason (including when it was revealed she'd had an extra marital affair with another politician from another party). The other was a conservative male politician who was photographed with a trouser leg rolled up, fishnet on and high heel. This was something for a charity fundraiser photo shoot/ promo. Unfortunately that was always the photo they'd pull up of him whenever he was in the media too.
    For anyone in the public eye, it would be wise to avoid any professional photo shoot that does not portray you in a manner you'd want to present yourself in a job application. Megyns would be perfect for an application for an escort/ pop idol etc (there seems to be a fine line between the two looks these days), but serious political commentary… no.

    1. Heidi,
      What are the names of those politicos you mention so I can have a gander? The old saw I always heard in political circles was: "Never get caught in bed with a dead girl....or a live boy".

    2. No names, no pack drill.
      Your old saw reminded me of the following story I was told by one of my polly friends. Quite some years ago a well known Oz politician died suddenly. Actually of a heart attack in flagrante with his rich society girlfriend in a hotel room. It would have been a terrible scandal for both so she called his political friends and asked them to sort it out to avoid the scandal. They somehow managed to get him dressed and out of his hotel room safely and took him to his city office where they sat him at his desk with his papers and a pen in his hand. That was how he was found officially.
      When a parliamentarian dies there is always a special parliamentary session where his friends and colleagues (on both sides of the house) have the opportunity to give eulogies and memories of the dead person. My friend said the most memorable eulogy was when one of the speakers concluded with "and he died doing what he loved best!" He also said to this day the real story has been closely held and has never appeared in the media. Pammie

    3. Pammie,
      We need to install you as The Den's intel Bureau Chief in Sydney. The clueless stiff we now have hasn't fed us stuff half this good.

  4. Totally agree, Heidi! That photo is so bad it's hilarious. So true about the Oz pollies, all three of whom I knew through work, two really quite well . The female politician concerned never quite got over that photo and really regretted being talked into it. The third, with the fishnets, used to giggle about it. At least in company.

    In regard to jokes about PMS, Den you noted that they were women who got away with it. When young I used to travel to University in a girls' share car every day. One of the girls was Jewish - she used to tell the most outrageous and hysterical jokes that had us laughing till we cried. But we all knew that none of us could ever repeat those same jokes. We would have been jumped on immediately. But it was fine for her to tell them. I think it's pretty much the same regarding women's jokes about pms and similar. Men are very unwise if they think they can get away with it or talking about the wrong time of the month. Reminds me though, during WWII when he was on a mission in Yugoslavia with Randolph Churchill, Evelyn Waugh pretended to believe that Tito was really a woman. When Tito was annoyed with the Allies, and this group in particular, Waugh used to say "Must be the wrong time of the month". Tito was not amused. Best wishes, Pammie

    1. Hi Pammie,
      I'll bet you could tell a few tales regarding those Oz Pollies. I quite agree men shouldn't tell those jokes and it was clear to me that Trump didn't in that interview but I also think that women shouldn't insist on this double standard while rationing their outrage for more consequential matters.
      You have definitely whetted my appetite for EW's Wartime years.