October 06, 2016

A Full Deck

GSL opened for business 52 years ago today. I only vaguely recall this shoot but can assure you that no hair product was involved. Yes, I know; that suit looks like I slept in it.

Picking up Mum at Midway in a couple hours. Tonight over cake and ice cream, we'll celebrate her life's work.

If October is not the very best month of the year, I don't know what is. Only May could even make an argument. From now til Christmas Eve is my fave time of year.

Hoping your Oktoberfest is off to a good start.

October 03, 2016

October Surprises

Julian Assange, Founder of WikiLeaks
There are reports Hillary Clinton wanted a drone strike to take out Mr. Assange
HRC will be taking shelter from incoming tomorrow.
Tomorrow should be interesting as Julian Assange releases documents that are promised to be damaging to Hillary Clinton just over a month prior to election day.  Much speculation has been made to the hacker's identity with the Clinton camp and Obama Administration expressing outrage the Russians (who they allege to be the perps) would try to influence an American Presidential Election.
Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was mudered in Washington. Shot in the back twice and nothing was stolen. No witnesses, no suspects, no leads. Julian Assange put a $20,000 reward for tips leading to his assailants successful prosecution. Was Seth Rich the leaker of the DNC emails confirming top brass worked against Bernie Sanders or is this a clever Assange smokescreen?

Perhaps Obama forgets he went out of his way to support the Remainers in the UK's EU referendum along with a threat they would be punished and pushed to the "back of the queue" if they Brexited.  Obama & Clinton also may think we didn't notice the Obama State Department appropriating $465,000 in TaxPayer funds supporting efforts to overthrow Israel Prime Minister 'Bibi' Netanyahu.

Here is Obama lecturing and threatening the Brits not to dare disobey him and leave the EU. The Brits answered with a resounding STFU.

The Den will be providing a Trump Survival Guide for those needing comfort to endure our next President. The Hitler comparisons are ridiculous. Have you ever read Mein Kampf? I have. Hitler put all his cards on the table well in advance.
Trump has a nearly 50 year track record of mostly successfully doing business with people all over the world.  Actual psychopaths show their true colors early on as Hitler did.

I always found Bill Clinton's actual treatment of women far worse than Trump's ungentlemanly comments. Clinton is one of those men I despise who use their power and influence to prey upon vulnerable women. The rape allegation by Juanita Broaddrick is taken very seriously by Obama's favorite online newsource, Vox, since she had a highly credible contemporaneous immediate aftermath witness.  Here is Vox's account with lengthy NBC interview here. And no this isn't just about Bill, Hillary was always complicit in silencing, intimidating, and harassing the women or in Monica Lewinsky's case, trotting White House staff out to trash a young woman to the press as a "delusional stalker".

GSL wonders if Trump supporter Kid Rock has lost any fans?

September 27, 2016

Kate Conquers Canada

Ladies, retract those claws and admit K-Middy rocks this red!

I think my K-Middy was tired of all the abuse and stepped up her game just as ol' GSL knew she would.

Lady Sings the Blues

This should make those naysayers (you know who you are) Evergreen with envy.

Kate trying to remain calm amid the thunder.  Not sure if 'Scorch' is with the Royal Household.

Canada's First Lady Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau
That lid perhaps better suited for an Al Capone biopic premiere.

Georgie Porgie Pudding Pie; stiffed the PM and made him cry.
The Den likes ol' George who can't be bothered to high-five the backroom boy of the G-8

UPDATE: The Den is delighted to report one of our workshop attendees has gone on to glory.

Sausage Pinch Workshop Honor Graduate Mary Jordan of Bellevue, Ohio had a little tussle with a Mickey Ds employee.