August 21, 2019


On the right is Denmark's Prime Minister: Mette "Dumb-Dumb" Frederiksen

Imagine you are a 41 year old freshly christened Prime Minister of a small NATO ally, who pays about 60% of the outlays they've agreed to whose first appearance on the world stage is to mock NATO's 800 lb gorilla who has been wondering aloud what purpose and necessity NATO has for America's National Interests especially when having to do most of the heavy lifting for a bunch of deadbeats.  I'm sure her phone has been blowing up with various renditions of STFU!!! in heavy Eastern European dialects.
GSL is frequently encouraged by loyal Den readers (across 6 continents and counting) to give his take on world events and one especially tantalizing psychodrama unfolded yesterday. One or two of you out there may not yet know what all the fuss is about so in a nutshell here it is. Four or five days ago, word leaked out that Trump has been kicking around the idea of acquiring semi-autonomous Greenland from Denmark.  This is nothing new. President Harry Truman looked into it at the end of World War II and Senator Tom Cotton (Republican from Arkansas) even mentioned it to the Danish Ambassador a few months ago in a meeting.  The appeal from the American side is Greenland's strategic importance to counter Russia's aggressive ambitions in Arctic waters.  A major American presence in Greenland would help the US protect Denmark,  Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.  In addition to a more robust US/NATO security blanket,  Denmark could reap a windfall while unloading a vastly underutilized asset freeing up $740 million per year in carrying costs.  Of course, the US would look to exploit those abundant untapped mineral reserves in Greenland.

Danish PM Mette Frederiksen
Theatre of the 'Absurd'
Would have loved to have spent the last 48 hours with the Glamazon PM after the International Press was screaming headlines that she found Trump's Greenland ambitions "absurd".  I'm sure she found the first few hours delightful with all the 'Progressive' Global Elites clucking "you go girl" encouragements, a call from Anna Wintour's people inquiring re glam photo-shoot for next issue of Vogue.  Then came those STFU outrages from Eastern-Euro leaders shitting bricks over Trump pulling out of NATO...and then Trump cancels his 2 day visit along with State Dinner hosted by Queen Margrethe.

Now we know what you're thinking: "Come on GSL. you Crafty Old Pro, step in and help this poor girl fix the mess she put herself in." Of course GSL, The Flower of Anglo-Saxon Chivalry, isn't just going to stand back and allow this silly girl to be humiliated on the world stage...that's Justin Trudeau's racket.

PM Fredericksen:  I hope you understand that within hours of a US pullout of NATO, Vladdy would be photographed running wind sprints across Greenland's frozen tundra with his shirt off.

OK, Miss Prime: here's what we're gonna do; Have your staff arrange for a call with POTUS in the next couple of days and then tell him: Mr President, please let me explain. I was caught off guard, said something off the cuff, was taken out of context, and while selling Greenland at first blush probably isn't workable, there are likely some joint agreements we can work towards that benefit both of us. Mr President, I realize we haven't fulfilled our financial commitments with NATO but we want to get there and if I can have you here with me, I can better make my case to Parliament which will also help you since you well know we would make large purchases from American Defense Contractors..."

Miss Prime you would instantly become POTUS's little darling which would be enormously helpful for Denmark in general and you in particular and no more "Dumb-Dumb"and DJT will be on his best behavior and have Queen Margrethe in a swoon.  Now regarding this Vogue shoot for Anna, I have a few ideas....

**UPDATE:  It appears Miss Prime followed GSL's marching orders to the letter.

May 11, 2019

Elements of Style: Phantom Thread

Vicky Krieps as Alma in Phantom Thread.  The Den values "interesting" over "pretty" when it comes to faces and Reynolds Woodcock and GSL are in complete agreement that Alma possesses an arresting face that upon second glance reveals how beautiful she is.
pic from WWD

The Den would like to add the inimitable Reynolds Woodcock to our illustrious roster, and, of course, his formidable sister Cyril.  The scene below confirms The Siblings Woodcock and The Den's core Philosophy are in perfect harmony.

We do recommend you set aside a couple hours and watch Phantom Thread which may seem to meander but ultimately leads you to a place you'll find richly rewarding.  This little gem was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who also collaborated with Daniel Day-Lewis on their tour de force There Will Be Blood.

Daniel Day-Lewis as 'Reynolds Woodcock' in Phantom Thread.  The Den places DDL alongside Gary Oldman and Ralph Fiennes as Greatest Dramatic Artists.  Let's hope DDL has not retired from Film as reported.
Reynold's imposing sister Cyril Woodcock perfectly played by Lesley Manville.
pic from Vogue

Of course GSL was instantly smitten with Alma and we couldn't help but notice the resemblance she has for another great beauty The Den holds dear...

The Magnificent MaiTai, with Jeans On, heading out to picnic luncheon.  The Den has overheard whispers that Reynolds Woodcock's choosing Alma as Muse follows a pattern after his first Muse (love?)  amid references to his long association with MaiTai. Cyril has been rather tight-lipped on the subject as it agitates her brother even more than the Henrietta Harding snub.

April 12, 2019

Man Talk Part 4- Put Up Your Dukes

Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi) in From Russia With Love shared GSL's impatience for bitchy broads
who try to take honorable men down.

As you may recall, several posts ago directly following the pathetic whimpers of Pussy Hat Poseurs and the Justice Kavanaugh Smear Campaign, The Den was itching to return fire on these Resentniks.

GSL's fiery temper has cooled and we've decided an instructive approach would have greater efficacy.  As we've often said, the best instruction a child can receive is the wisdom from The Den's fave Nursery Couplet:

                                                    Sticks & Stones may break my bones
                                                    But words will never hurt me

  My mother first introduced Sticks & Stones when I was about 4yo just after 2 older boys were calling me names at the playground swings.  I reported those 2 hecklers hoping mum would give them a thrashing with a Hot Wheel Track as she did me whenever my behavior veered ever so slightly from Gentlemanly.

Here is dashing Little GSL (with Sam-Sam) minutes after absorbing Sticks & Stones transforming
his thin skin into a hide as impenetrable as a rhino in chain-mail onezy.

The Sticks & Stones lesson applies to Modern Women too.  Why enable 7 Billion people to inflict harm with a rude remark?  So what if a few political movements and academic departments have to cancel their pity parties?  We at The Den wish to see strong women empowered and strive for excellence which can't happen if one seeks to constantly whine over slights: real or imagined.  Wouldn't all that emotional energy spent whining and pouting be better spent cleverly counter-punching with a countenance of cool indifference? GSL finds it a hell of a lot sexier than any size 2
'woke' blond prattling virtue signals and measuring privilege.

Estella on her Welsh Pony, Tell Me Secrets, back in the day.
I started thinking how my Estella is so different from all the other Bergdorf Blondes/Brunette/Redheads (B3Rs).  Why does my 'Stel  never get rattled by the silly nonsense that makes those over-primped and pampered whine merchants foam at the mouth?  Physical courage is a big part of it and any equestrienne has physical courage and 'Stel is 2nd only to QE2 when it comes to handling pups and ponies.  Also, the GSL Effect can't be discounted. 'Stel has a memory like a steel trap and cataloged GSL's rejoinders for future reference.  In our mid-teens, 'Stel cognizant that GSL, while no brawler, had a reputation as a boy who could handle himself in a scrap; especially for a boy his size, asked for a few pointers.  I taught her how to throw combinations and before long 'Stel (naturally quite strong without an ounce of fat...then or now) could throw a very respectable 1-2-3 combination (left jab- sledgehammer overhand right - left-hook to the body) and GSL noticed the self-confidence it instilled, and together with the GSL inspired repartee, made her far more formidable, attractive, and a man-eating Battleship.

Here's 'Stel about 15 years ago as the Man Eating Battleship GSL helped shape.
Cool self-possession and borrowed quips had her making mince-meat of a schmuck every month

How did so many women lose their way?

The Godmother of Modern Feminism: Rosa Klebb
Disciple Rachel Maddow also self-inflicts the Butch-Bob

The Den's R & D department discovered a technical flaw in how women's self defense is taught and corrective action is underway.

Watch Rosa Klebb's encounter with a straight white male dripping with privilege and try not to look away.

Wasn't that pathetic! Colonel Klebb, the high ranking Counter-Intel officer of SMERSH, and she's fighting for her life but looks like she's playing patty-cake.  Thankfully our Tatiana was also disgusted and put her out of our misery.

The Den has forwarded this just declassified footage to all Gender Studies departments and Feminist groups along with information regarding Den Sponsored seminars on how to throw combinations.

Girls, time to toughen up.

***Man Talk is among The Den's most popular series. For others see Part 1Part 2Part 3