April 29, 2016

Josephine Tey

The late great Josephine Tey

The Den wishes to bestow the highest praise on a writer to whom we have only recently been introduced. Her actual name was Elizabeth Mackintosh (1896-1952) from Inverness, Scotland but wrote under several pseudonyms and is best remembered as Josephine Tey.

I picked up this used book for about $5 including shipping and will be
reading The Daughter of Time this weekend

GSL had the recent good fortune listening via audiobook to two of Josephine Tey's wonderful mystery novels: Brat Farrar & The Franchise Affair both with the superb narration of Carole Boyd. To refer to them as 'mystery novels' may not do them justice but they are, without a doubt, literary works of the first rank.

British actress Carole Boyd's sublime narration provided GSL with 2 literary excursions of the highest order.
I do believe www.audible.com will let you have a free trial and you will thank me later if you choose Brat Farrar or The Franchise Affair with the divine Carole Boyd.

In The Franchise Affair, one fascinating character, Mrs. Sharpe, is said to resemble Whistler's Mother (above) formally known as Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1  by American born James McNeill Whistler. A recent visitor noted it's presently on exhibit in Melbourne.

**As noted in comments below, we were late to discover how prevalent Whistler's Mother is in Western Culture. It seems a longshot Filly named Whistler's Mother won 'The Oaks' by several lengths in PGW's Ring For Jeeves winning The Goose & Gerkin's waiter a tidy sum who was in for 5 Bob.


  1. The Daughter of Time is excellent reading. It examines whether Richard the Third was a murdering, power hungry cripple or just badly misrepresented by historians.

    1. Welcome JK! I have seen several JT devotees mention 'Daughter of Time as her best work which I find irresistibly tantalizing given the high quality of Brat Farrar & Franchise Affair.