June 10, 2018

Art of The Deal

"As Flies to Wanton Boys Are We to the Gods..."
DJT assuring this charming couple that he has some urgent business with Little Rocket Man so just sit tight as he sets the table.  Artful Deals require a certain theatrical element. Similar to Chekhov's Pistol, DJT's First Act often features Trump's Tantrum. While he shares King Lear's need of praise and lacks his soaring rhetoric,  Trump's energy, cunning, and guile make him far more formidable.
Sophie's Choice of Soft Lavender is quite lovely.

The Charmed Life Progressives (CLPs) have their French Cuts in a twist again. Yes, that Global Menace, DJT, pulled out of the G7 Communique yesterday. The predictable indignant squeals soon followed. Obviously, another GSL primer on RealPolitik is in order.

The Den has already highlighted Trudeau's trip to India that was described as a "Colossal Failure".
The Den predicts after these early missteps he'll grow into the Great World Leader that our closest ally deserves.

It wasn't until I watched PM Trudeau's closing G7 presser that I figured out what exactly is going on. Trudeau said nothing that warranted all the "stab in the back" rhetoric prompting today's talk show hissy fits.  The intended audience of this stalking horse sideshow is Little Rocket Man (LRM) of North Korea.

All the feigned indignation from the Trump Camp is designed to show Trump is a Strong Man who doesn't hesitate to slap guys around who step out of line. Of course it's "beneath the dignity" of sophisticated G-7 Leaders to behave in such a way but remember "Dignified G-7 Leadership" is exactly what hasn't worked with LRM...and now he has nukes.  What none of the so-called "experts" understand in this dangerous dance, and that Clinton, Bush, and Obama allowed to get worse, is what LRM most covets: to stand on the World Stage opposite Planet Big Boy and be treated like a fellow Tough Guy. LRM has followed the Western Press and knows what a 'schmuck' Trudeau is seen as by like-minded wannabes so Trump slapping Trudeau around and then giving Little Rocket Man a manly handshake deal will make his Tough Guy toes tingle while being cognizant of the enormous economic bennies he would then accrue. For a fellow Crafty Old Pro like DJT, executing this plan is a lay-up drill.

Of course, a lot can go wrong but this Trump Tough Guy Option has a real chance to succeed and a de-nuked Korean Peninsula along with a grateful South Korea, Japan, and China has gigantic upside possibilities both diplomatically and economically.

Trump understands the psychology at work here better than anybody...well almost anybody.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's already walked Trudeau thru this scenario telling him we'll later get the NAFTA deal Win/Win/Win and then GSL will book his rezzy for the Grand Opening of Trump Tower/Mount Rushmore...where I'll likely do a turn on the dance floor with Mrs. Trudeau....a far better turn than her husband could ever hope to do...

GSL also can't wait to run barefoot thru the lobby of Trump Tower/Lake District

April 19, 2018

Central Casting Part VI: Finest Hour

Gary Oldman, the World's Greatest Living Artist, as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. Oldman's portrayal was the best screen performance I've ever seen.  Churchill's iconic mannerisms often lead to caricature distracting viewers into focusing on the mechanics of impersonation rather than a protagonist who "mobilized the English language and sent it into battle".
Loyal Den readers have long known our high regard for Gary Oldman.  It's became a cliche for Oscar recognition going to an actor playing a mentally handicapped character (Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man among them) and actress for playing a hooker such as Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8 and Jane Fonda in Klute along with 11 others anticipating  young women tarting up for Halloween. We think it is a far greater Artistic Achievement to convincingly play a Great Man such as a Churchill or Beethoven as Gary Oldman has done so brilliantly. Of course the same is true for a woman and GSL wishes more movies were made about great and highly intelligent women portrayed by great and highly intelligent actresses.

Elizabeth Taylor as a hooker in Butterfield 8 winning her an Oscar among a parade of supposedly 'serious actresses' that have played a hooker to critical acclaim. Old Soul GSL would prefer to see top notch actresses portray characters from a newer profession.
Editor's Note: As mentioned in comments section below, above pic is from Liz in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof not Butterfield 8 per Eagle -Eyed Jill.

Speaking of Liz Taylor, I remember her quoting Old Hollywood screenwriter Frances Marion: "an actress is something more than a woman and an actor something less than a man" which Liz said she largely agreed with. That certainly isn't the case with Gary Oldman and wouldn't be the case for women with better casting and screenplays better written to showcase a great actress's talent.  By the way, Ms. Frances Marion was the first screenwriter to win two Oscars  back before World War II when women had more power than men in Hollywood....at least according to Helen Klumph. How did we go from that to #MeToo?

Movies about great women The Den would like to see:

Madame de Stael: A brilliant conversationalist she was a central figure during the French Revolution and Napoleon's reign.
We'd mount a global search to find an actress with enough gravitas to play a woman upon whom it was remarked: "...there are 3 great powers struggling  against Napoleon for the soul of Europe: England, Russia, and Madame de Stael"

We'd love to see a fabulous ensemble cast depict the Bluestockings, the mid to late 18C literary salon of women and men(!) who met to discuss the important cultural and political issues of the day. The group was founded by Elizabeth Montagu and Elizabeth Vesey with my personal hero, Samuel Johnson often in attendance. GSL would canvass the theatres of London, New York, Chicago, and Toronto cherry picking those worthy of portraying that impressive group of women. A new generation of Maggie Smiths, Joan Plowrights, Vanessa Redgraves, and distant cousin Phyllida Law would be discovered with Ms Law's daughters Emma and Sophie Thompson featured prominently.

Portraits in the characters of the Muses in the Temple of Apollo by Richard Samuel. The sitters are members of the Bluestockings.

The Central Casting series is among The Den's most popular features. For other installments click for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5.

March 13, 2018

Beta Males and Tone Deaf

Aren't they just darling?
No doubting these boys observe the courtesy of a reach around.
Hard to argue with HR's premise.
*Caution over above link from Full Metal Jacket. Quite profane.

Recent events have provoked GSL.

I can't remember the last time a minor incident bothered me more. Anna's whole life has been about visual presentation and style and this misstep was colossal.  Imagine if she had those sunnies in her left hand while sharing a giggle with one of History's Greatest Women.  QE2's robin's egg suit is sublime. An instantly iconic moment is lost by Anna's idiocy.

As many longtime Den readers (across 6 continents and counting) can attest, we have long been in Anna Wintour's corner but there is a limit.

Anna, this is how the most powerful woman in the English Speaking World since QE1 chose to address QE2.

Aren't they just darling?

As previously noted, The Den thinks Sophie's Choice in hats is wanting

We were right about The Backroom Boy of the G8 too. From admired World Leader to International Laughing Stock in less than 2 years crushed The Den's Over/Under line of  30 months.

Prince George, having received GSL's scouting report, gave the PM a Royal Snub
on this pathetic High Five Diplomacy Gambit.

Did you hear about this?

Or this?

'Colossal Failure' doesn't sound very promising does it.

It seems the darling of Charmed Life Progressives can't get out of his own way.  How he delivers for ordinary Canadians will far outweigh tone deaf pandering to Pampered Elites.

Of course we know in certain quarters our DJT is thought of as a joke and much worse but is delivering in spades for those most in need...working class Americans.  Job growth and manufacturing job growth in particular is surging and Black Unemployment lowest since they began keeping record back in 1972. Trump's poll numbers continue to climb but not among those Charmed Life Progressives that have long held sway over popular opinion from their power centers in the Media-Academic Complex. Nowadays nobody outside their cosseted Echo Chamber pay them any mind.

Back to Beta Males.  They certainly are ascendant and we find nothing wrong with this recent development but The Den's first order of business has always been to Make Fair Maidens Swoon and we have yet to see a Beta Male do that!

The Den will be far more active in the coming weeks.

We have updated The Den's Avatar to reflect a more assertive posture on upcoming posts.
Girls, no more patty cake.

High Time for some GSL Pushback.