September 28, 2019

Women We Love: Amber Butchart

A Stitch in Time hostess, the beguiling Amber Butchart.  GSL knows Green the way Valentino knows Red and given many a vivacious redhead a proper intro. Amber Butchart is obviously familiar with GSL's work.
pic from Metro

GSL has been crushing on this BBC Fashion Historian Amber Butchart.  Yesterday afternoon, I was enjoying a couple bottles of Pinot Noir with dear friend Terry Drama who was showing me his recent Fall Wardrobe acquisitions so the talk veered to crisp tailoring and the cut and thrust of Terry's new Ralph Lauren bluesy check jacket is extra crispy. TD then suggested we watch a fave BBC doco he knew I hadn't yet seen.  We are both avowed Anglophiles with Terry virtually memorizing the entire Black Adder series occasionally sprinkling in references which always amuse as they go over head.  About 10 minutes into Episode 1 of A Stitch in Time, I was smitten with Amber Butchart and fascinated with the subject matter.

Over Pinot Noir, GSL & Terry Drama discussed how we're gonna lay siege to the Chicago Cultural landscape . TD is so named because everyone upon first meeting say he reminds them of Truman Capote. While there is a physical resemblance, it is his effect that rings so 'Tru'.  Over Manhattans at our local, Drama effortlessly glides from belting out a little Diana Ross (his Love Hangover exceeds Ms Ross espesh shimmy windup at power ballad to disco funk transition) to that aria from Les Miz with his thunderous bass baritone dazzling 3 blocks away.

Ordinarily, GSL doesn't go for OTT Style unless it's done well and it seldom is.  Ms Butchart does everything well.  We find her fascinating to look at and listen to.  Her series is a spellbinding celebration of Art History, Fashion, Dressmaking, and textiles.

CD, this show is right in your wheelhouse as Amber Butchart is in mine.

Have a look for yourself.


  1. I didn't expect to be watching telly this morning, GSL, but a quick click on Amber's pic led to the full episode being consumed with my morning coffee. This is the sort of show regularly seen on our screens here in The Colonies, yet it hasn't been for some reason. Love it! Another historian cut from the Lucy Worsley cloth. AB's take on the be-turbanned UFO purple widow's-peaked bob is fetching, as are the pins. I can see why you and TD had a fine afternoon together, the bottles of pinot, notwithstanding.

    1. My Dear Pippy,
      I've got a good mind to have POTUS wheedle his new BFF PM Morrison into having you extradited to Chicago on some Trumped up charge just so Terry Drama & I can treat you to a night on the town. Drama & I live for seeing that smart, charming, cultured gals like yourself have the time of your life and sense that your stimulating presence is having the same effect on us. Your lucky hubby will also enjoy the night's activities and by nights end be gratefully reminded just how lucky he is.
      This is how GSL & TD roll.

  2. Hello, Dear Friend,

    Just managing to get the glitches out of my marvelous machine, and have lost all e-mail sites and addresses. My new is Comments on blogs seem to be my only window to communication. Would love to catch up on your fabulous life and travels. r

    1. Dearest R,
      Apologies for late reply as was on the run all week with blogger issues with my iphone and have heard from others who can't comment via iphone. I'm in a bday weekend and supping with a few fabulous friends tonight and others were equally generous last night at the Red Lion. I will check in soon and hope you are well.

  3. I sure could use your help guiding me to more programming! No higher praise than both you and Terry Drama signing on! Looking forward to our meet and greet.

    1. Drama & K treating me tonight at Casati's where I will eat and drink like I'm going to the electric chair. Your ear will be burning as I rake you over the coals.

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  5. I found this series fascinating and it is always uplifting to see people who are skilled and enthused. For my taste Amber Butchart is just too self aware to be entirely comfortable in her look. Mega points for effort though. Who wants to be boring?!

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