March 13, 2018

Beta Males and Tone Deaf

Aren't they just darling?
No doubt these boys observe the courtesy of a reach around.
Hard to argue with HR's premise.
*Caution over above link from Full Metal Jacket. Quite profane.

Recent events have provoked GSL.

I can't remember the last time a minor incident bothered me more. Anna's whole life has been about visual presentation and style and this misstep was colossal.  Imagine if she had those sunnies in her left hand while sharing a giggle with one of History's Greatest Women.  QE2's robin's egg suit is sublime. An instantly iconic moment is lost by Anna's idiocy.

As many longtime Den readers (across 6 continents and counting) can attest, we have long been in Anna Wintour's corner but there is a limit.

Anna, this is how the most powerful woman in the English Speaking World since QE1 chose to address QE2.

Aren't they just darling?

As previously noted, The Den thinks Sophie's Choice in hats is wanting

We were right about The Backroom Boy of the G8 too. From admired World Leader to International Laughing Stock in less than 2 years crushed The Den's Over/Under line of  30 months.

Prince George, having received GSL's scouting report, gave the PM a Royal Snub
on this pathetic High Five Diplomacy Gambit.

Did you hear about this?

Or this?

'Colossal Failure' doesn't sound very promising does it.

It seems the darling of the Charmed Life Progressives can't get out of his own way.  How he delivers for ordinary Canadians will far outweigh tone deaf pandering to Pampered Elites.

Of course we know in certain quarters our DJT is thought of as a joke and much worse but is delivering in spades for those most in need...working class Americans.  Job growth and manufacturing job growth in particular is surging and Black Unemployment lowest since they began keeping record back in 1972. Trump's poll numbers continue to climb but not among those Charmed Life Progressives that have long held sway over popular opinion from their power centers in the Media-Academic Complex. Nowadays nobody outside their cossetted Echo Chamber pay them any mind.

Back to Beta Males.  They certainly are ascendant and we find nothing wrong with this recent development but The Den's first order of business has always been to Make Fair Maidens Swoon and we have yet to see a Beta Male do that!

The Den will be far more active in the coming weeks.

We have updated The Den's Avatar to reflect a more assertive posture on upcoming posts.
Girls, no more patty cake.

High Time for some GSL Pushback.

***The threat of GSL Pushback likely has someone barricading herself in Mop Closet banalities but rest assured, Darling, GSL already has enough skins on the wall than to come for you.  You have long been a GSL Fave so he'll be gentle...but only with you.


  1. Thrilled to have you back and I couldn't agree more on all points! Well done you!

    1. Agreeing with GSL on all points certainly saves time but there are those, such as The Jersey Shore Beach Bunny and Franco Russian Temptress, who always crave a little turned over knee, bare bottom, open hand GSL Tough Love.
      The Beat Goes On...

  2. I was wondering where you've been lurking. Welcome back! I see you've not lost your spark(le).

    I would find it difficult to hold a conversation with an indoor sunglass wearing participant. Her Maj is doing a steller job keeping focused, probably far better than if I were to try.

    1. My Dear CD,

      I can't overestimate how much that whole scene flabbergasted and bothered me as representing everything so wrong about how far we've fallen. Even as a very young boy, one knew to ALWAYS treat adults and especially the elderly with the highest respect regardless of rank. As a young man donning Ray-Bans felt talking even to a beer tent vendor, that you do so with sunnies OFF. AW obviously had advance notice of her seat mate with all the security she requires so had time to think this thru knowing full well within hours hundreds of millions would bear witness yet she kept them on.

      I've never seen Her Maj look lovelier in that gorgeous outfit or with such a lovely smile and AW ruined it.

  3. Hmmm, where do I start? Well welcome back, number one. I take it from IG you have been on duty? I thank you for your service, as always. Re Anna, I stopped reading Vogue after they decided to write a glowing portrait of Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby as a crusader for justice. That plus the Kim/Kanye cover just went too far for me. I am not surprised Anna was so tacky as to wear her sunglasses as she sat next to Queen Elizabeth. I still don't understand why the queen was there in the first place! Why would she accept an invitation like that? I don't follow Canadian politics so have no opinion on Trudeau. As for Trump, I think it is beyond tacky that he fired Tillerson on Twitter. I do wonder who you are referring to in the last part of your post? Or do you mean GSL Pushback in general. Let me get my cropped pants and pilgrim shoes out for this one. Ha. Oh, btw, I have noticed ol Mel is MIA. I bet SHE is wearing her cropped pants at Mar-a-Lago and thinking of you!

    1. Yes Jilly Pie, I have been on Duty, and emotionally blackmailed if truth be told, as they keep, quite correctly, reminding me that nobody else (35 and under) can read a highway map and get 75 trucks with volatile cargo going several thousand miles cross country without lots of drama. Compound all this on seeing fresh young officers begging for your expertise while sheepishly passing along orders from clueless 'Leaders' who haven't been anywhere or done anything.
      Your father would say nothing has changed and my time is thankfully up in September.

  4. Btw, AW looks like something the cat drug in sitting next the the Queen who looks AMAZING!!!! AW has never held any allure to me.

    1. I would have had security drag her out; kicking and screaming if need be.

  5. Love the new on a mission!