September 27, 2016

Kate Conquers Canada

Ladies, retract those claws and admit K-Middy rocks this red!

I think my K-Middy was tired of all the abuse and stepped up her game just as ol' GSL knew she would.

Lady Sings the Blues

This should make those naysayers (you know who you are) Evergreen with envy.

Kate trying to remain calm amid the thunder.  Not sure if 'Scorch' is with the Royal Household.

Canada's First Lady Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau
That lid perhaps better suited for an Al Capone biopic premiere.

Georgie Porgie Pudding Pie; stiffed the PM and made him cry.
The Den likes ol' George who can't be bothered to high-five the backroom boy of the G-8

UPDATE: The Den is delighted to report one of our workshop attendees has gone on to glory.

Sausage Pinch Workshop Honor Graduate Mary Jordan of Bellevue, Ohio had a little tussle with a Mickey Ds employee.


  1. Love what Kate is wearing on the tour here...the blue hat and dress were so well edited yet they had details that totally made the look modern and fresh.
    She is so beautiful that I think she could wear a sack and look elegant and is very much the focus of our attentions here in town.

    1. As you well know Hostess, GSL is a big fan and thinks Kate can do no wrong. Even those casual outfits she has been wearing up there look smart.

  2. Wow, you're upping the game on my old friends Tom and Lorenzo---who call the couple Bill and Kathy Cambridge and are quite kind most of the time, considering that they exercise their considerable wit and words to vicious effect on most of the fashioniste world.

    And she IS a remarkably lovely young woman, and advisors or no, she knows who she IS.

    Best of this lovely Autumn to you, my friend.


    1. This Duchess knows exactly who she is and is a fab mum!

  3. Both women looked sensational and dressed with panache.

    This is the best I've seen the Duchess of Cambridge. The longer skirt length is everything.

    1. My Dear Dear CD,
      How can a woman of such high intelligance and pedigree be so wrong. 'Scorch' dressed with panache, thee D of C classic elegance and Sophie is way off the mark. That hat is all wrong for the occassion.. an official function attended by the future Queen of England. She needs to remember that she is The First Lady of Canada and not Paulie Walnut's goomah.

    2. My dear GSL,

      The Prime Minister of Canada's wife is not, and never will be, the First Lady of Canada. She should be addressed as Mrs. Grégoire-Trudeau, with or without the hat (which I still happen to like).

    3. My Dear CD,
      After the unfortunate passing of The Den's Chief of Protocol, Letitia Baldridge, we have a long overdue personnel slot to fill...perhaps you'd like to forward a CV for careful consideration.
      What would the approriate manner of address be towards Paulie Walnut's goomah as I'm sure she dons that same hat to the dog track on Twin-Trifecta Tuesday.