May 11, 2019

Elements of Style: Phantom Thread

Vicky Krieps as Alma in Phantom Thread.  The Den values "interesting" over "pretty" when it comes to faces and Reynolds Woodcock and GSL are in complete agreement that Alma possesses an arresting face that upon second glance reveals how beautiful she is.
pic from WWD

The Den would like to add the inimitable Reynolds Woodcock to our illustrious roster, and, of course, his formidable sister Cyril.  The scene below confirms The Siblings Woodcock and The Den's core Philosophy are in perfect harmony.

We do recommend you set aside a couple hours and watch Phantom Thread which may seem to meander but ultimately leads you to a place you'll find richly rewarding.  This little gem was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who also collaborated with DDL on their tour de force There Will Be Blood.

Daniel Day-Lewis as 'Reynolds Woodcock' in Phantom Thread.  The Den places DDL alongside Gary Oldman and Ralph Fiennes as Greatest Dramatic Artists.  Let's hope DDL has not retired from Film as reported.
Reynold's imposing sister Cyril Woodcock perfectly played by Lesley Manville.
pic from Vogue

Of course GSL was instantly smitten with Alma and we couldn't help but notice the resemblance she has for another great beauty The Den holds dear...

The Magnificent MaiTai, with Jeans On, heading out to picnic luncheon.  The Den has overheard whispers that Reynolds Woodcock's choosing Alma as Muse follows a pattern after his first Muse (love?)  amid references to his longtime association with MaiTai. Cyril has been rather tight-lipped on the subject as it agitates her brother even more than the Henrietta Harding snub.


  1. i will check it out...i really like DDL, but waa great seeing Mai Tai again, especially looking so well:-) miss her blog

    1. DDL is an All Time Great and I believe MaiTai has cut back to a post or 2 per season but she shines on IG; espesh with her 2 dachshund pups; time for you to do IG

      Phantom Thread is slow moving which adds to its effect and the fashion is gorgeous and beautifully shot.

  2. Alma is divine! Such a good choice for wiling away a couple of hours. It was recently seen in this household and enjoyed enormously for the same reasons you did.

    For a completely new look at Lesley Manville, we've the pleasure of seeing her light comic side at the moment in this neck of the woods with the TV show 'Mum'.

    1. Welcome to The Den Pippy! We love Lesley Manville and will seek her out in 'Mum' and elsewhere. In these days of extreme victim opportunism we find a "light comic touch" so 'chic' use a filthy little word.