July 19, 2016

Broadcast News

A little gem from 1987. 
Holly Hunter as straight shooter 'Jane Craig'; GSL had a big crush in late '80s.

GSL's favorite TV Show as a boy was The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite that aired every weekday at 6:30pm. I tried to never miss it.

Walter Cronkite aka 'Uncle Walter' was often referred to as the "most trusted man in America".
Dan Rather succeeded Walter Cronkite at CBS News.  Cronkite never liked Rather who he thought of as a show-boating upstart who put himself ahead of the story. Dan Rather was fired by CBS News when he tried to parachute in on election eve with a supposed scandal involving George W. Bush hoping to tilt the election.  Only problem is Danny Boy never vetted the sources or had the documents authenticated which turned out to be forgeries.

CBS News President David Rhodes whose brother just so happens to be Obama's Foreign Policy Guru. The Obama Administration sure liked having that close connection when things started to unravel  and pesky journalists were trying to get to the bottom of it.

Sharyl Attkisson was one of those pesky reporters who insisted on covering the Obama Administration the same way she covered the Bush Administration. This didn't endear her to the boss. Nor did her outrage at discovering a 60 Minutes Obama interview was edited to shield him from Benghazi criticism during a crucial moment in his reelection campaign..  She was soon thereafter effectively forced out at CBS News.
Former Al Gore Campaign Manager and Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile who frequently appears on ABC News & CNN.  The Left doesn't have a better spokesman than Ms Brazile.  Always well reasoned and pitch perfect, if she were on the ballot this November, she'd probably get my vote. 
MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow is my mother's favorite journalist.  She usually gives the Left's strongest argument
on any topic.  She always does her homework and is fair minded towards opposing views.

These days I don't even have a TV but monitor newsfeeds online.

I marveled at the rise of Fox News, a Right Leaning (sometimes Far Right Leaning) Cable News Channel, that came out of nowhere in 1996 to become a cable TV behemoth and cash cow while diminishing the audience and influence of the big networks. Their founder, Roger Ailes, is reportedly being pushed out by Rupert Murdock and sons because of numerous sexual harassment allegations.

Until a few days ago, Roger Ailes was a man I had a lot of respect for. He built a juggernaut precisely because it was the only high profile Rightward counterweight to the major news organizations that all lean Left.  The numerous sexual harassment allegations, if true, reveal a man who sounds like he should have been fired long ago.. I've always hated men that use their gifts and power to exploit and/or prey upon vulnerable women which is why I've always despised the Kennedys and Bill Clinton.

It will be interesting to see how this Fox News debacle shakes out. I hear the Murdock sons were keen to push Roger Ailes out on any pretext. Many of the female news anchors came out in support of Roger Ailes....but not Megyn Kelly.

The new face of Fox News: Megyn Kelly. Reports are her testimony to a Fox News internal investigation
spelled doom for Roger Ailes.  Megyn Kelly is a very talented, and I think credible, journo-celebrity.
We've come a long way since 'Uncle Walter'


  1. We gave the old television set the boot about fifteen years ago and do not miss any of it. I'm sure I wouldn't recognize the modern news format if it hit me in the face. I do, however, stay current and informed by listening to Radio 4 and their excellent news coverage, and occasionally tune into LBC, a London based talk radio show, but that can sometimes get a little too repetitive. PBS news is also excellent.

    1. CD, I do occasionally watch PBS Newshour with Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill with Mark Shields & David Brooks as Left/Right commentators. Their news programs are always very well done with the genteel tone of an Ivy League symposium which is an upgrade over the cable news shoutfests.
      Since you don't have TV, did you intend to say NPR which is superb in many ways. Morning Edition is often how I start my day. Fresh Air with Terry Gross is among the best radio programs ever aired. I often listen to NPR's BBC feed late at night for a different perspective.

    2. Yes, I do apologize. My brain was a tad foggy. NPR it is.

    3. No worries my dear CD, GSL has been a master at redirecting ladies back towards where they want/need/hope to go for over half a century.

  2. The most terrible coverage I am seeing on the RNC is by Judy and Gwen at PBS. Awful! Thank God for the team of professionals on ABC. Side note, always a pleasure when you let me have it on my own blog. What a delight.

    1. I've watched the speeches online and haven't seen any network coverage.

      My Dear Jill, as you may have guessed by a comment in the body of this post, fawning references to those Kennedy men is like waving a red rag at this Den Bull. I don't think I veered off topic since you asked for a JFK Jr story to share and GSL doesn't do fawning Kennedy worship no matter how glamorous you fashionistas find them.
      The fact that his willful recklessness, after being warned, killed two young women is too little known and sadly not out of character with those up his patrilineal line.
      You took exception with my choice of words but I actually softened tone because I knew your charming mother and daughter would likely see.