June 15, 2016

Scotland The Brave

GSL has these fine soldiers from the 154 Scottish Regiment joining him today during a Joint Training Exercise.
 Suspicions have also been confirmed regarding the Brexit Referendum coming up in 8 days.

June 08, 2016

Operation Bees Knees

You may remember Mugsy from last year.

Den Mascot, Mugsy, aka Pup of Destiny was on the move at Zero Dark Thirty this morning rousing a startled GSL out of deep slumber with furious licks and yelps. The initial assumption of Mugsy needing  urgent business matters attended to outside was quickly dismissed upon seeing his spiffy baker's hat with flour smudged about his face and floppy ears. It was quite a sight and as GSL's early morning fog lifted,  remembered that this is Mugsy's favorite day of the year.  Mugsy was eager to get everything just right to make the big day extra special.

Mugsy will again be accompanying me on Army National Guard Annual Training aka 'Summer Camp' that we leave for tomorrow and lasts 2 1/2 weeks.  Mugsy and I will break off from our official unit and conduct highly classified training and preparations for an upcoming mission codenamed Operation Bees Knees.  All of this is very hush-hush so Mum's the Word. We will practice high altitude parachute jumps, master pincer movements, and finalize  PSYOP TTPs.

Hold the fort while we're gone.

Mugsy insists the birthday girl gets first pick.