September 17, 2015

Carly STILL Rising!

Carly Fiorina won going away last night in the Republican Primary Debate watched by an estimated 30 million; the largest audience in the history of CNN.

Did you see Carly taking names last night! GSL has been beaming with a prophet's pride all day. I just got off the phone with my buddy Dutch who is now claiming HE was out front on Carly. Sorry Dutch, the soothsayer had his prophesies time stamped in earlier posts. Just comb through the archives Dutch and have a look as way back in April, GSL was trumpeting how Carly was the class of the field.  Pitch perfect and not overplaying the female card either. A page out of the Iron Lady's playbook.

Trump is working out perfectly for the emergence of Carly. He actually is bringing a focus on sound policy reforms such as the previously verboten idea of having the very wealthy pay more taxes, immigration sanity (although his ideas are too extreme),, and Social Security reform. These would never be even talked about without Trump and he is dragging the party in his direction. Ultimately, the contrast of Trump's over the top bluster will only make Carly seem like the only serious heavyweight. 

Dutch despises Trump but I said look how he introduced 30 million viewers to Carly The Great. Jeb Bush sure as hell wasn't going to do that.  I can't but wonder what all those Republican Establishment Types must be thinking as they gave Jeb a $120 million War Chest and have been busy mulling over which Ambassadorships to take. Not so fast boys.  The other great service Trump has provided is bodyslamming those Republican Fat Cats.  He has come out for raising taxes on the wealthy, discussed making Social Security (old age government pensions) means tested, and was the only one up there to slam the Iraq War. My opinion differs there but Trump was saying this way back in 2003 when very few were.  Trump is making all the other guys look like opening acts and leaving Carly to look like the only serious heavyweight.

Joe Biden wisely sitting tight as Hillary can't stop the bleeding. He needn't get in now as he can just wait as the email revelations continue to pile up. He'll be desperately summoned as a savior later in the year with his hands still clean. 

Ohhhh how I'd looove to see Carly debate Hillary; but Hillary won't make it that far.  Joe Biden is sitting tight and not declaring. Smart move says GSL.  To really take command of the Democratic primary; he'd have to start loudly pointing out what a duplicitous phony Hillary is thereby alienating her most ardent supporters. Even middle class white women (like my dear mother) are abandoning her in droves according to Andrea Mitchell of NBC News.  Why get dirty when he can wait and let the FBI take her out. It's going to happen and even before then, people are starting to figure out that even though Hillary doesn't want to share those 30,000+ emails she deleted; they might prefer not to have Putin read them aloud to her live at a Summit meeting....or more likely and true to his KGB upbringing, have his Ambassador pay her a White House visit and present her with a sampling quickly followed by blackmail negotiations in the form of US standing down across Eastern Europe while Putin has his Army retake lands previously in Soviet hands. Yes, all those communiques involving Benghazi, the implosion of Libya (which was her brainchild and was angling to make her great triumph), the Clinton Global Initiative conflicts which her staff moonlighted at and The Curious Case of El Sid Blumenthal.  All of these kinky shenanigans would make Richard Nixon look like Abe Lincoln is what the smart money is now saying.

Does anybody really think Vladdy's boys didn't intercept those Hillary private server emails?!?! You know, those little trifles regarding her yoga classes, Chelsea's wedding,,,,and maybe her activities during those missing 5 months and pre and post Benghazi and her doings during the Libya collapse, and the cozy arrangements she was setting up with her Foundation that are dripping with conflicts of interest and forbidden by the White House as a condition of her employ.  Even if she sent 1 email with classified info, she's toast.

As was previously alluded to on news programs, I'd hate to be the Intel chief in Beijing or Moscow and have to explain why you DON"T have Hillary's emails collated, leather bound in gold leaf,  and tied up with a pretty little bow.


  1. Ah - if the republicans were smart they would be all over! Smart lady. I like Hilary, but I do adore Joe. Good prognosticating!

    1. Joe is a good man and univerally well liked and respected and could bring a much needed conciliatory tone to the White House.

  2. Hi GSL, sorry I haven't commented sooner, I am having some computer problems at the moment. I saw the debate, which I thought was a good one, but I can't work up the enthusiasm for Carly. And I am reminded that she was so catty with Barbara Boxer during that senate race, talking about her hair. That is not leadership, that's bullying. It's funny to me that she takes offense to what Trump has said about her face when she has been caught doing the same thing, and to another woman at that! I want to hear from more HP employees, it sounds like she really ruined that place when she was running the show (her only time being CEO), and they've been digging out ever since. We already had that happen to this country by the way of 43.

    1. My goodness Jill, two highly accomplished women and you consider a comment regarding hair "bullying"??? I know your beautiful and charming mother I've seen glam up the pages of EJS taught you about Sticks & Stones just as Senator Boxer's mother did. Now tell me Jilly Pie, you get all rough & tumble on the streets of Brooklyn then come inside logon and everything's a 3zy ouch. Methinks Jilly-Pie needs a long weekend in Chicago and a peptalk from GSL at the Red Lion.