October 14, 2018

J' Accuse & The Kavanaugh Affair

French Novelist Emile Zola whose open letter to President Felix Faure called out Anti-Semitism during The Dreyfus Affair. GSL sees parallels in The Kavanaugh Affair with "mysterious women who sell condemning evidences at night..."

BTW: GSL has been test driving Pince-nez with bushy mutton chops to punctuate his rhetorical flourishes with Late Victorian Menace.

With our Maslow's Penthouse Intro of last post, GSL did promise The Den's fave Gentleman Farmer a comprehensive assessment of the #MeToo movement with Bill Clinton in a starring role and a Battalion of then complicit Bergdorf Blondes now Pussy Hat Poseurs facing a little Den Chamber Music.  While heavy artillery transits from Fort Sill, we'll issue a Warning Order to include a  directive for a Bergdorf Brunette who may fear she'll be targeted in the upcoming barrage.  GSL has decreed her Safe Passage and she should be grateful The Flower of Anglo-Saxon Chivalry is kinda sweet on her.

We'll soon be giving the #MeToo Movement our full attention but The Den wanted to quickly convey our thoughts on this nasty Kavanaugh business.

Doesn't Justice Kavanaugh look like just the sort of man who wishes to destroy women? His lovely daughters are trembling with fear aren't they.

This Justice Kavanaugh is an evil monster hellbent on killing women to hear his opponents tell it....in front of banks of telly cameras. GSL watched or heard every second of the testimony from Justice Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford with scurrilous allegations coming from other accusers and the #MeToo Mafia shrieking like banshees for Kavanaugh's head.  We smelled a rat.  GSL knows the Brett Kavanaugh types of the world quite well.  We are of similar socio-economic background and belief system and he had a wild side to him back in high school and college as nearly all of us do but his better angels governed his development into an Elite Legal Mind and devoted husband and father who garnered a 30+ year professional record without so much as a hint of blemish especially from his numerous female clerks and colleagues.  A letter from a long ago acquaintance of Kavanaugh, by the name of Dr Christine Blasey Ford, was sent to her Congresswoman in late June.  A few weeks later it was forwarded to her Senator, and ranking Judicial Committee member, Diane Feinstein who sat on it for 7+ weeks thru the vetting process of SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh. Yes, Dr Ford wished to remain anonymous and no wonder given her absurd allegations with a few inconvenient revelations yet to come out.  The whole purpose of this 11th hour bombshell allegation was to postpone the vote until after election day which the Democrats hoped would have them regain control of the Senate enabling a NO vote on Kavanaugh on their way to impeaching Trump.  They badly overplayed their hand.

Dr Christine Blasey Ford in Fab outfit, smart glasses, #tdf comb-out, and middle school-girl voice. She didn't know where  or when the alleged incident occurred, how she got there or how she left. She presented 4 corroborating witnesses who didn't corroborate.  One of her corroborating witnesses, her then best friend Leland Keyser, said she doesn't remember any such party and said she had never even met Brett Kavanaugh at a party or any other time.
Dr Ford testified then 15 year old Christine Blasey had one beer at this party.
One beer.
Her vivid recollections are 17yo Kavanaugh and a friend attempted to rape and accidentally kill her and she had one beer.
Over the next 30+ years she told not a soul.

I noticed how the sworn statement of Dr Ford's ex boyfriend of 6 years, given to the FBI never got much attention in the Establishment Media.  It refuted some of Dr Ford's claims about fear of flying and living spaces with only 1 door, said how Ford, a psychologist, coached her friend, Monica McClean, on how to take a polygraph when interviewing with FBI & DOJ, and, after breakup, he says Ford lied about charging over $600 on his credit card, and only admitting after he threatened to have his bank do a fraud investigation.  Ford's very same polygraph coached friend, Monica McClean, now working for FBI, intimidated the (un)corroborating witness, Leland Keyser, into altering her statement to say while she doesn't ever remember meeting Kavanaugh, she believes Dr Ford....based on no evidence; only pressure from an FBI agent to be more helpful to Dr Ford.

Dr Christine Blasey Ford's GoFundMe accounts are around $1,000,000 and she was just given a Distinguished Alumnae award from her Alma Mater, the University of North Carolina.

On left is 2nd Accusser Deborah Ramirez, a Yale Classmate of Kavanaugh, who says Kav might have exposed himself to her amid cheering bystanders during a drinking game.  She was snozzled  herself and couldn't find any corroborating witnesses among the dozens of likely attendees she called telling several she didn't remember who it was. Nonetheless, she huddled with a lawyer/Democratic Party apparatchik for 6 days to assess her memory of the 30+ year old incident and then bravely stepped forward into the adoring embrace of the #MeToo movement and anybody who hates Trump.

This next accuser was brought to us by none other than Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer, they being the original #MeToo trumpeteers in The New Yorker.  Their Ramirez story was journalism at it's worst.  Their star witness admitting to being very drunk during this drinking game but thinks possibly Kavanaugh exposed himself to her on a lark to cheering bystanders and in her shooing away offending 'member' accidentally touched it thereby causing her to be a 'sexual assault' victim. Sounds horrific doesn't it.  But then again she wasn't sure who did it and called dozens of fellow Yale Classmates asking if they knew and nobody remembered any such incident....except Kavanaugh's ex-roomie/sworn enemy who declared to Ronan Farrow with "100% certainty" that he knew of somebody that witnessed the incident but couldn't reach him to verify.  After the bombshell revelation from the New Yorker made International Headlines, they found that ex-roomie's 100% certain "eyewitness" who had no idea what he was talking about and never saw such a thing.  Oopsie!!!  Ronan and reckless sidekick Jane now say they were only trying to see if they could establish a pattern,

Deborah Ramirez is a heroine of the #MeToo movement whose career prospects no doubt have blossomed.

Sleazeball Lawyer Michael Avenatti & 3rd Accuser Julie Swetnick who graduated from high school in 1980.
Two years out of high school, Ms Swetnick attended high school parties with Kavanaugh's (Class of 1983) crowd where girls were, according to her, repeatedly gang-raped.  She was so outraged she did nothing while attending over a dozen of these gang-rape parties until claiming to be gang-raped herself. Her lawyer of course represents Stormy Daniels who apparently is quite at ease among clients with ISH-YEWS and lawyer Avenatti now has legal ISH-YEWS of his own.

This last one is GSL's personal fave. Where to begin with this Julie Swetnick. Let's start with her sleazeball lawyer who, after having his services retained by Stormy Daniels, of the Stag Film/Pole-Dancing Daniels, has made over 500 telly appearances on CNN, MSNBC et al because they are so charmed with his unique brand of Trump Hate that he's even being bandied about as the Democratic Nominee in 2020. Here's what we now know of Ms Swetnick.  She's had sexual harrassment allegations filed against her, lied to her employer saying she graduated from Johns Hopkins (Johns Hopkins says they have no record of her ever attending and Swetnick's estranged father says she never went to college).  Ms Swetnick had a restraining order filed against her by a former boyfriend after she threatened him, his new wife, and unborn child telling him "he'd never see his child alive".  During the past 25 years, Ms. Swetnick has been involved in 6 lawsuits.

That well fed guy on the left is Dennis Ketterer, a Washington DC weatherman, who once dated the charming chubby chaser Ms Swetnick but Mr Ketterer broke things off once she informed him of wanting to engage in sex with multiple men. I think her lawyer has a contact who can hook her up with a few gang-bangs.

The most strident opposition to Kavanaugh's nomination and confirmation to SCOTUS invokes Obama March 2016 SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland with the nonsense that he was treated 'worse' than Kavanaugh since he was never even brought up for a vote.  Nobody ever attacked him personally or professionally and they were following what then VP and former Senate colleague Joe Biden said during 1992 regarding Presidential Election year SCOTUS nominees. The Republicans were merely heeding VP Biden's wise counsel.  How often is this brought up in the Establishment Media?

Lastly, my Estella's dear mother, as I've mentioned before. is hardly a Ms Havisham but a lovely, charming, and warm-hearted woman who has had a tough go of late on account of Hurricane Florence forcing her evacuation from her Coastal Carolina Elder Care abode.  She's slowly transitioning back but the whole business has been quite unsettling so I was glad to at least be present in spirit at today's birthday celebration (actual day tomorrow) and Estella sent me the below pic a few minutes ago reporting the parcel was well received by the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Millie!


  1. I stayed away from this bc there was no upside as my husband says. I need to take a rest from politics. But at a glance neither party came away from it very well.

    1. I agree neither side came off well. Kavanaugh's testimony wasn't his finest hour but given the coordinated character assasination that would have never been allowed on any previous confirmation process and the pain and suffering he watched his wife and daughters endure, I would have lost my cool too.

  2. lots of info in here that i asked for over the phone long ago. If u r the Flower of Anglo saxen chilvarly we are indeed in trouble.

    1. See what happens when you try to comment with a mascara brush in one hand while skimming Daily Mail for style file additions? That's why you only get short phone summaries; if you can't give full undivided, GSL can't enlighten.
      Millie knows we aren't in trouble.