June 10, 2018

Art of The Deal

"As Flies to Wanton Boys Are We to the Gods..."
DJT assuring this charming couple that he has some urgent business with Little Rocket Man so just sit tight as he sets the table.  Artful Deals require a certain theatrical element.  An inversion of Chekhov's Pistol, DJT's First Act often features Trump's Tantrum. While he shares King Lear's need of praise and lacks his soaring rhetoric,  Trump's energy, cunning, and guile make him far more formidable.
Sophie's Choice of Soft Lavender is quite lovely.

The Charmed Life Progressives (CLPs) have their French Cuts in a twist again. Yes, that Global Menace, DJT, pulled out of the G7 Communique yesterday. The predictable indignant squeals soon followed. Obviously, another GSL primer on RealPolitik is in order.

The Den has already highlighted Trudeau's trip to India that was described as a "Colossal Failure".
The Den predicts after these early missteps he'll grow into the Great World Leader that our closest ally deserves.

It wasn't until I watched PM Trudeau's closing G7 presser that I figured out what exactly is going on. Trudeau said nothing that warranted all the "stab in the back" rhetoric prompting today's talk show hissy fits.  The intended audience of this stalking horse sideshow is Little Rocket Man (LRM) of North Korea.

All the feigned indignation from the Trump Camp is designed to show Trump is a Strong Man who doesn't hesitate to slap guys around who step out of line. Of course it's "beneath the dignity" of sophisticated G-7 Leaders to behave in such a way but remember "Dignified G-7 Leadership" is exactly what hasn't worked with LRM...and now he has nukes.  What none of the so-called "experts" understand in this dangerous dance, and that Clinton, Bush, and Obama allowed to get worse, is what LRM most covets: to stand on the World Stage opposite Planet Big Boy and be treated like a fellow Tough Guy. LRM has followed the Western Press and knows what a 'schmuck' Trudeau is seen as by like-minded wannabes so Trump slapping Trudeau around and then giving Little Rocket Man a manly handshake deal will make his Tough Guy toes tingle while being cognizant of the enormous economic bennies he would then accrue. For a fellow Crafty Old Pro like DJT, executing this plan is a lay-up drill.

Of course, a lot can go wrong but this Trump Tough Guy Option has a real chance to succeed and a de-nuked Korean Peninsula along with a grateful South Korea, Japan, and China has gigantic upside possibilities both diplomatically and economically.

Trump understands the psychology at work here better than anybody...well almost anybody.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's already walked Trudeau thru this scenario telling him we'll later get the NAFTA deal Win/Win/Win and then GSL will book his rezzy for the Grand Opening of Trump Tower/Mount Rushmore...where I'll likely do a turn on the dance floor with Mrs. Trudeau....a far better turn than her husband could ever hope to do...

GSL also can't wait to run barefoot thru the lobby of Trump Tower/Lake District


  1. Excellent commentary as usual Mossy. Lucky to be in your loop♡

    1. Sitch Room been burning midnight oil with all these recent developments. Forgot to mention, I'll now be at your party in September...gonna ride into town like Josey Wales...fur will fly...