November 26, 2016

Trumpus Maximus

DJT ain't bashful about putting up his dukes.

Brass Balls are Back!

The Den has been getting heavy drive-by traffic since the election but we thought it best to let the passage of time heal wounds and then perhaps GSL's spot on analysis can sink in and better help you deal with recent events and what lies ahead.

Camille Paglia has Brass Balls!

As loyal Den readers (across 6 continents and counting) can attest, we were not Trump supporters early on. Carly Fiorina was who we hoped to see grow into a formidable candidate and leader and first female POTUS but after one good debate showed herself not to have the necessary mettle to win and lead. I mistakenly favorably compared her up and down biz career to George Washington and Steve Jobs who had early career stumbles and came back smarter and willed themselves into greatness. That analogy was falsely premised because when Carly got fired at Hewlett-Packard, she ran out the door with a golden parachute and there was no 2nd Act.

Aussie Julian Assange has a pair of Brassies the size of coconuts.

By all the sniveling hysterics, you'd think Hannibal's War Elephants were stampeding thru the Catskills & San Gabrials to rape and pillage New York and LA.  All this melodrama and google emigration search trending  isn't anything but a Free Radical Chic group hug hissy fit taking their cues from All The Big NamesMisogyny has become the most overused and misused word in the English language. Was misogyny ever used to describe the mean-spirited criticism of Margaret Thatcher? Like when all those morons sang "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" when her death was announced.  Where was the Big Name Feminist's outrage when Sarah Palin was described as having that "slutty flight attendant look" or  when they went after her 14 year old daughter?  By the way have you ever heard Trump belittle a group of young women the way Gloria Steinem does here, make a more mean spirited comment than former Secretary of State Madelleine Albright does here, or made a more point-blank sexist comment than Michelle Obama does here?  Insisting on double standards while expressing outrage over double standards must be exhausting.
The Den is smitten with Ann Coulter who gladly takes on all comers. Any time. Any place. She can flat out bring it!
Towering intellect and rapier wit are oh so sexy!

Were you outraged over the violence stoking rhetoric Trump used? What about when Obama used it.?  Are you outraged that the Russkys may have hacked into some emails exposing the Democrats double-dealing and skullduggery?  Were you outraged over reports Obama tapped close ally German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cell phone? Are you worried Trump might take the law into his own hands like when Obama executed at least 2 Americans without Constitutionally guaranteed due process?

The Den digs the Pride of Ireland, Conor McGregor, whose Billionaire Strut is taking the sporting world by storm.

The following vid perfectly illustrates what the election was about and the clueless, sneering condescension of the cultural elites. Watching this, I suddenly  realized why Martin Amis mostly fails miserably as a novelist while being the world's greatest writing talent.  He doesn't understand the first thing about people so can't create interesting characters or gripping narratives but does understand writing better than anybody so writes about that with profound force and insight.  Only the BBC and Martin Amis could think that Amis moving to Brooklyn would give him a deep understanding of America. He sounds like a long-in-tooth back-bench editorial staff hack for The Guardian. Amis' lazy, erroneous arguments are nearly overshadowed by the BBC's incompetent interviewer.

53% of white women voted for Trump. Minorities will come around to Trump very quickly after they see what he is about. Trump showed he had the brass balls to take on the Establishment Media, The Republican Establishment, Fox News, the Koch Brothers,  the Bush Dynasty, and the ruling elite  so now his voters believe he will impose that same force of will to rescue the American economy. Last week William Clay Ford Jr (great-grandson of Henry Ford) called Trump to tell him Ford wasn't going to move the Lincoln MKC production out of the country and will now keep it in Kentucky.  This weekend Trump has been putting the thumbscrews to Carrier, an air conditioner manufacturer in Indianapolis, that announced plans to lay off 1500 workers and move production to Mexico. The Carrier leadership is shitting bricks now because Trump put them on blast and now his supporters would rather pay more for a domestic make competitor than buy from a company that abandoned their fellow American workers.  Trump supporters  also notice how that Conde' Naste Crowd boo-hooing over the election won't buy American if something more fashionable is on offer.  All that emigration google trending is just another fashionable pose they strike.  They won't go anywhere if it involves sacrifice. Trump voters are the ones that don a uniform or badge and take up arms to serve and protect. 

Obama has been very classy in how he's handling the transition much like George W. Bush was and unlike the Clinton to Bush transition. Obama's greatness lies ahead and trust me, or just remember I said it, these 2 will become great allies. I agree with Oprah that Trump has been humbled and after living a life of extreme privilege was moved by the throngs of ordinary Americans desperately needing a champion turning out en masse (always undercounted by news reports) to support him and now need him to deliver.

My co-worker is a 45yo husband and father of 3 born and raised in Manchester, England of Indian/Muslim extraction. We rode by the Lordstown, Ohio GM plant a few days ago where they build the Chevy Cruze and I told "Chan" how a local informed me there are plans to close that plant and move it to Mexico and about that phone call Trump had with Bill Ford. My buddy Chan said: "no fucking way Trump will let them leave....Trump's a badass and that's why I like him".

GSL just loves the All The Big Names au courant smugness in this charming vid!


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