July 28, 2016

The Siege of Deningrad

The Den's Fave Snake Charmer: Nastassja Kinski. Is she obsessing over GSL? Listen 'Nasty' darling, slip out of the snake and into a form-fitting A-Line, strappy heels, and meet GSL at The Red Lion...we're here to help.

The Den continues to be under bombardment from what we suspected to be Russian hackers (with nearly 800 hits in the past 24 hours alone) but thus far no detectable damage unlike the Democratic National Committee whose subterfuge to undermine Bernie Sanders was exposed for all to see.  DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, perhaps the only woman in American politics more disliked than Hillary Clinton, was thrown under the proverbial bus and this after only the first tranche. Our investigation has now gone beyond KGB sponsored hackers.  The suspicions now point to a Lone She-Wolf hell bent on adding deeper meaning to her lonely life.

Ravishing Russky Soprano Tatiana Serjan dazzled last year as Tosca at our Civic Opera House She experienced an intense verismo of revelation when GSL's baby blues lasered in during "Vissi d'Arte". Might she be the one? Observers noted Ms Serjan came to Chicago a singer and left a Great Artist.
Another suspect bandied about is Fashionista Miroslova Duma who
delights in being identified as a GSL It Girl.

At a Den Security meeting this morning, an Oligarch Plaything Theory was floated by our Forensic Psychologist and it really does make perfect sense. Imagine being a great natural beauty from the East Siberian Uplands tiring of seeing Daddy down tumblers of anti-freeze night after night. You flee to Paris and get discovered by a photographer while gazing up at The Gleaners in the Musee d'Orsay.

The Gleaners by Millet. Musee d'Orsay. Our Catwalk Kitten saw the life she fled.

The Glamorous Life came on fast & furious, Youth and beauty gave instant access to a world beyond wildest dreams. Then she finds herself in the clutches of one of the world's most vulgar creatures: A Russian Oligarch. Cocaine & Vodka can only deaden so much pain. Her only distinguishing feature is Beauty which thus far has only displayed French Couture and ornamented hairy arms of clammy cretins thrice her age. She wants something more.  Beauty can have a destination far more glorious when treated as a gift.

London based Sergey Veremeenko in pensive repose.

Den investigators believe we have zeroed in on our damsel in distress. It seems a Russo-Kleptocrat and a beautiful much younger woman of dispirited air recently saw our Tatiana Serjan as Tosca at Staatsoper Hamburg.  Reports are dispirited attendee was in raptures following performance and has ever since been frantically seeking assistance to escape virtual house arrest.

Hang on my dear, help is on the way.


  1. Perhaps it is time to make a pretty penny and take advantage of the Russian hits by including sponsored advertisements in your blog? Something to think about.

    1. CD, I do get emails asking me to carry their client's ads. I'm amazed at how many readers I do have but do plan on ramping the blog up once I get some administrative matters sorted out with my book series currently on hold. With my book series, everything we sell in America will be made in America excepting my brilliant French-Canadian illustrator, Franfou. On The Den, I plan on featuring Made in America companies, with a Chicago focus, who pass muster of making quality products that they stand behind and fairly compensating their employees but I won't accept pay or merchandise.

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