May 03, 2016

2016 Met Gala Honor Roll

The Den loves Mother/Daughter pics and these two stole the show last night.
Proud mother Anna Wintour with beautiful daughter Bee Shaffer.

Last night's Met Gala for the Costume Institute was themed Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology which isn't the easiest theme to dress for. The many reviews I've read thus far have not been favorable but The Den will not concern itself with the many lowlights.

These were the very best dressed from the 2016 Met Gala.

Jessica Chastain
Obviously the gorgeous Jessica Chastain heeds the GSL Dictum that a woman is never more beautiful than when smiling.
We are so tired of seeing those frozen pose pouts rehearsed endlessly that only look phony and ridiculous.

Broadway Star Allyson Williams in Peter Pilotto.

Another pic of Allyson Williams..

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Naomi Campbell

Aussie Supermodel Jessica Hart
Another pic of Jessica Hart.

Lily Aldridge

Another look at Bee Shaffer's stunning dress.
Another look at Anna in Chanel.

Please share which Met Gala attendees caught your eye.

**If anybody knows the designers not identified with these frocks, please let me know so their superb work can be recognized. The Den considers Fashion at this level High Art.

In the spirit of Mother's Day week, I wanted to share this:

Ivanka Trump, 5 weeks after giving birth to her 3rd child.
Modified Jumpsuit by Ralph Lauren

I saw the most charming video of Ivanka getting dressed for the big night with her daughter providing style input
regarding lippy,handbag, shoes.


  1. All lovely and charming---Anna's Chanel must have Coco purring in her crypt. I always go for the OTT Had-To-Hire-A-Van-To-Get-My-Costume-Here Adventuresses. (And in gorgeous Lupita's case, most likely a hearse, so she could lie down with that fabulous hair).

    My choice for representing the theme would be Katy Perry---that whole Chatelaine of Barad-dur thing, with all the needfuls of her household right on her person (I'd bet that that tiny purse holds a thimble, a pair of those wee charming swan scissors, and a vial of nightshade). She so interpreted the intent of the Machina bit---her own pre-Singer (the sewing machine one) costume was simply sublime.

    A walking windchime made of keys to exciting doors---what could be more intriguing?


    1. The Katie Perry costume was attention getting which was her intent and nothing wrong with that either. The whole goth look has always given me the willies. KP looks like she walked off a Tim Burton movie set....and Helena Bonham Carter dressed like that in civilian life when she and TB were a couple.

  2. Interesting choices GSL. I like the looks on Anna and Bee and Ivanka (I didn't know she was even there, it was a whole different ball game over at Twitter, I realize that now!). I am not a fan of many of these other dresses though, I cringe to tell you. Jessica's is nice but I have had a hard time liking her after reading several interviews where it seems she goes on (and on and on) about how hard she had it trying to make it as an actress. As if she picked an easy line of work! I like my actresses made of tougher stuff than that. xx

    1. My Dear Jill,
      Your time would be much better spent at The Den rather than slumming with those chubby fingered hashtag commandos on twitter. Our choice of granting Jessica Chastain immortality with her honor roll designation is based on that fab frock and dazzling smile. With these disappointing reports of her seeking out victim opportunities (very much in vogue among others leading impossibly charmed lives), we will have her in for a Den Weekend and doing cold readings of the Sticks & Stones Nursery Couplet.

      Your red carpet judgments have had a tough couple of days haven't they...weren't you just all in a swoon over an enormous shoulder strap mounted 'broach' that looked like a Renaissance Dagger in search of a cloak???

  3. Jessica Chastain looks incredible as always and Bee Shaffer's look is very appealing to me but the cut-outs and crops just arent my favorite although i understand why they caught your eye. Rosie looks elegant as usual, she rarely disappoints. As you know Kate Upton is a favorite of mine because i think she is a class act. She comes across as mature beyond her years, humble, kind and modest.

    1. I did have Kate Upton on my short list but couldn't find a good pic. She just got engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander...this courtship has not been good for his pitching form but GSL is a hopeless romantic (and Cubbies fan) so wish this couple only the best.

  4. Beyonce looked beautiful and shouldn't be overlooked as well. Anna Wintour looked nice and her figure is impressive. Madonna was nothing short of a fright and Solange was a miss as well.

    1. Anna is an all time great. Beyonce looked pretty good but those shoulder puffs kept it from being really special. Her sis was a mess. Madge was and is disgusting.

  5. Jessica Hart's get-up makes her look like a pin-head.

  6. Liked Anna's dress and Bee's but so many horrible horrible outfits/fancy dress costumes.

    1. Anna & Bee's were just superb...never seen B look more beautiful. I thought last year's lineup was bad but they reached a new low....I think those chunky boots are the worst fancy dress look...a red carpet version of painting a 'stache on Mona Lisa.