March 26, 2016

Nancy Reagan

Nancy in her trademark 'Reagan Red'.
Rest In Peace Nancy.

GSL has always loved Nancy Reagan and defended her honor against her many detractors. As Estella will attest, ever since the mid-80s whenever she was scolding me into cleaning my perpetually messy lodgings, her remonstrances always included a reference to the previously stated ambition of one day getting my digs situated in such High Toned Elegance that I could have Nancy Reagan over for tea.  I never did achieve High Toned Elegance or tea with Nancy Reagan.

They were a good looking couple weren't they.

My first defend Nancy tussle was over her not bowing or curtseying to Queen Elizabeth back in 1981. Then came the 'outrage' over her purchasing fancy new china for the White House State Dining Room...what wasn't often mentioned was that she used private donated funds and Jackie Kennedy did likewise to enhance the White House with antique American furnishings when she was First Lady with the expert guidance of Bunny Mellon.  Years later the scurrilous and mostly anonymously sourced hit piece bio by Kitty Kelly was reviewed on the New York Times front page by Maureen Dowd who gleefully mentioned the preposterous gossip as if that piece of hackwork should be taken seriously and belongs on the NYT front page thereby accruing it NYT journalistic standards that many people still think are quite high.

The New York Times had Maureen Dowd review this on THE FRONT PAGE. I noted at the time how they didn't treat Kitty Kelly's hatchet bio on Jackie Kennedy seriously nor more recently those scurrilous, and also anonymously sourced hatchet bios on The Clintons and Obamas by their very own former NYT Editor Edward Klein that were treated like the bio-fictions they are.
Her mother with husband, and step-father, Loyal Davis. What really hurt Nancy about the Kitty Kelly hit piece was how she depicted her adored step-father (who formally adopted her) as a petty little social climber.. He was a world renowned neurosurgeon and here in Chicago there was an avalanche of outrage at KK's depiction as literally dozens of people came forward and testified to his great generosity af performing countless medical procedures free of charge for those who couldn't afford his services. I read where he donated a day of each week seeking out those in need and provided world class medical care free of charge.
Fuck you Kitty Kelly.
I think we all can imagine how hard it would be to raise a strong-willed rebellious daughter in the '60s, in California, and in the public eye. Years later that rebellious daughter turned professional disgruntled daughter wrote a supposed 'tell all' and a 'novel' with only the pretense that these were 'tell alls' based on her upbringing. 'Tell Alls' never are and the primary motivation behind those books, aside from asserting her independence by taking hundreds of thousands of dollars to betray her family, was to wound her mother. She succeeded but Nancy didn't excommunicate her daughter and instead forgave her. What was less reported was how that daughter, Patti Davis, soon after publishing those 'tell-alls' deeply regretted writing them and described herself as a brat and how it took her a long time to grow up.
Family pic, Daughter Patti Davis later wrote "tell alls' she deeply regretted soon after publication. Nancy never held a grudge and accepted her heartfelt apology.

As President Reagan fell ill with that awful disease, she stayed by his side all the way to the end. She could have easily just had the nurse's there and carried on with a social life of her own since her Ronnie was so far gone anyway, but she stayed by his side...all the way to the end

Obama caught a little heat for skipping the Nancy funeral but shouldn't have. Michelle was there. What Obama really flubbed was not inviting Nancy Reagan  to attend a major headline-making stem-cell research bill signing ceremony which Nancy had championed and effectively neutralized Republican opposition to. The big story then became why he snubbed her. Obama did graciously cite her tireless advocacy for stem-cell research after her death.

Jerry Zipkin with Carolyn Roehm. Jerry was the 2nd most famous Walker of the 20th Century. The classic and fascinating Somerset Maugham novel The Razor's Edge has a major character, Elliot Templeton, based on him. Sir James Goldsmith called him a modern day Proust. He was  VERY 'in the know' and Nancy Reagan's best friend. They spoke every day until he died.

Acid tongued 'Zippy' with Nan Kempner on left and Blaine Trump during the Go-Go '80s. Jerry's bitter rival was Truman Capote and when Tru threw his Party of the Century Black and White Ball at the Plaza Hotel, Tru, of course, stiffed Jerry so Jerry dined in Queens that night just so he could say he was "out of town".

The 3rd most famous Walker of the 20th Century was Dominick Dunne. After Jerry Zipkin died, 'Nick became Nancy's best friend calling her every day and she'd eagerly await his call for daily dispatches from the OJ Simpson trial. He would occasionally drag her away from Ronnie's bedside to take her to lunch but he said he really had to pry her away. I loved the piece he wrote for Vanity Fair on the Ronald Reagan funeral. You could tell he adored Nancy.
**Truman Capote got his idea for the B & W ball from attending a B & W party Nick hosted several years prior in his Hollywood home when Nick was riding high and soon thereafter fell on hard times due to a few film misfires and alcoholism. Tru stiffed Nick out of a coveted invite too....not sure where Nick dined that night.
Nancy welcoming the throngs of children and parents to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll one year.
Happy Easter!


  1. Good post Moss! A fine and well deserved tribute to Nancy. I had no idea about her step dad adopting her and what a shame that such a fine sounding man was drug threw the mud by KK. Love the retro pics of Carolyn, Blaine and Nan. I also loved the tribute to the late "walkers", as you well know Estella has long since relied on walkers since my better half doesn't like to get out much.

    1. As we established long ago, GSL is never to be confused with a 'Walker' even though he provides delightful abundances of tittillating fun and superior listening skills, GSL won't hold his tongue to be more pleasing, more than occassionally elicits trysty inquiries, is equally adept conversing with men of high intellect in various fields, and isn't the slightest bit bothered by leaving hissy fitting drama queens swearing me the more clever ones eventually hate being out in the cold and covet GSL's deliciously warm embrace.
      Your better half endures me not just because I'm grandfathered in but I am most often in his corner during disputes.

  2. *through... Happy Easter everyone!

  3. I came of age during her husband's political rise, something for which I will always be grateful. Now that I am older, I am beginning to get a better understanding of what it means to watch generations pass away, lost to history…

  4. I first came aware of him during his 1980 Presdidential Campaign and he was such a stark contrast to the dour but thoroughly decent Jimmy Carter. My junior year of high school during History Class the teacher brought a TV into the class room which was never done back then and we watched his Inaugural Address live. He was mesmerizing and far more than the dumb B movie actor he was often portrayed as. Watch the youtube vid of him mopping the floor in a debate with the supposedly brilliant Bobby Kennedy around 1967. He got more than his share of mean-spirited partisan attacks and nothing fazed him but you could tell Nancy took everything personally.
    We will not see the likes of him again GF.

  5. Replies
    1. Nancy Reagan would have loved you would Zippy & Nick.