April 26, 2015

Dear Bruce....

Bruce Jenner's name has been in the news of late...

Dear Bruce,

I missed your interview with Diane Sawyer the other night but just want you to know I also agree that what you did was brave: declare yourself a Lady in Waiting (for the operating table) who is a REPUBLICAN!!!! My goodness, you have a long, lonely road ahead should you decide to ever venture into politics or journalism.  You don't even have to be a Republican or Right Leaning to lose favor with your new sisters; merely not being in perpetual lockstep with the Liberal/Progressive Agenda is enough to have Women's Groups abandon you.  Early this morning, a parcel was left on my doorstep wrapped in brown paper addressed to me with URGENT scrolled across the front. I opened the package and inside was a newish book titled The Protocols of the Elders of Feminism. Now GSL is far too clever and crafty to be taken in like some all day sucker the way Dan Rather or Rolling Stone were. We'll thoroughly vet the document for authenticity and triple check all sources before standing behind it on publication but it did have a few tantalizing bits that warrant further investigation that I think you should be aware of.
Tough cookie Jill Abramson was fired for being what any man is expected to be: tough, demanding, and occasionally ruffling feathers.  Feminist's were noticeably silent apparently due to her recent interviews condemning the Obama
Administration for 7 criminal investigations of journalists.

Some of the explosive revelations contained in the Protocols we are investigating:

~The NOW (National Organization for Women) goes by NOWWL (National Organization for Women We Like) for internal correspondence. A few memos contained a directive to not make so much as a whimper as one of their former champions Jill Abramson Editor of the NY Times was fired because of this. Sharyl Atkisson was similarly abandoned when essentially forced out at CBS News for hard hitting pieces on the Obama Administration. CBS News President David Rhodes is a brother of Obama Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications, Ben Rhodes. She had a 21 year career at CBS and did several hard hitting pieces on the Bush Administration when Feminists sang her praises.
21 Year CBS News Veteran who had written hard-hitting pieces on the Bush Administration fell out of favor for her accurate and thoroughly researched reporting regarding Fast and Furious and Benghazi and raised hell when a damaging
segment of a 60 Minutes Obama Interview was edited out during the heat of the Presidential Campaign.
CBS News President David Rhodes' brother is Ben Rhodes, Obama's Deputy National Security Advisor

~The Protocols emphasizes how much The Elders hate language they view as sexist however it's permissible and even encouraged to take down women whose political leanings are not in sync with The Elders or just happen to get in their way. The Protocols imply there was much mirth made of the Sarah Palin "slutty flight attendant look" quip by David Letterman and similar treatment elsewhere.  Several Elders joined hands and sang "Ding dong the witch is dead" when Margaret Thatcher's death was announced. Those same women are warning journalists not to use these offensive words to describe Hillary Clinton...which are remarkably similar to the words Maureen Dowd reports Hillary Clinton told White House staffers and friends to use when describing Monica Lewinsky to the press.
The Iron Lady would have been livid if she heard supporters were circulating a list of words not to use to describe her.

~The Elders are sponsoring symposiums featuring linguistic yoga instructors to train aspiring Feminists on college campuses to simultaneously cry foul over a perceived double-standard while also insisting on one when convenient.

While The Protocols may not be an authentic document, it does pose some interesting perspectives.

Bruce, best of luck with this new chapter in your life. The Den is pulling for you.



Back to Bruce. His situation does have a Chicago precedent and I have a connection. About 15 years ago, my Estella often frequented a very posh East Coast Spa and she became good friends with a man she knew only as 'Jim' who cross-dressed as a woman and they'd often go shopping or lunch with him in drag. She found the whole situation fascinating as did I and she of course respected his privacy even though he never insisted on any. Over time he spoke freely of his life in Chicago and a staffer told her one day he was a billionaire. Once I heard this, that narrowed the possibilities considerably. Even more unusual was the fact that this cross-dresser was a big military buff which immediately helped me solve the riddle although I never told a soul to respect his privacy and didn't want to betray Estella although she was under no oath of silence.  Then one day in August 2013, the most bizarre press statement I have ever seen was released..

Multi-Billionaire  (family worth approx. $30 Billion) Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) James Pritzker Founder of Pritzker Military Museum in Chicago.

About 15+ years ago my Estella would go shopping and have lunch with a charming and worldly cross dressing man from Chicago named Jim.
She enjoyed his company and found him delightful in every way.
His actual name was Jim Pritzker who now goes by Jennifer Pritzker,


  1. Good for Bruce and Jim/Jennifer, no one needs to live a lie.

    I know little of American politics look forward to your take on the up coming election.

    Have a great Monday x

    1. Thank you FF and we may have to offer The Den's shrewd analysis of American politics to our vast international audience as The 4th Estate has been at times willfully negligent.

  2. Dear GSL I have tried and even clicked on every link you have provided but still no idea what the heck is going on here. Maybe it might be in the edit? Transgender, postmodern partisan feminism, American slanted and always biased journalism that is actually old news?

    I did try...

    1. My dear Naomi, perhaps something was amiss in your London internet feed as GSL has been getting, under separate cover, cyber-high-5s from women (who for professional reasons must remain anonymous) across 4 continents....thus far.
      Just hit the refresh button and cinch up your thinking cap...

  3. G your fiery intelligence is most welcome on all political issues, and as for these issues of crossing genders to live an authentic life of course we stand alike in supporting American values of liberty and personal freedom. The core American values which absolutely cannot be denied.
    Once again I really admire your strength and support and straight-up telling it as it should be told. Really I can't stand any BS whatsoever, nor can you!

    1. Thank you my dear Dani and it's again time I remind you of your long overdue Chicago visit!

  4. Bruce said he was not going to do the surgery, at least not any time soon. It is very hard for me to reconcile the Bruce Jenner gold medal-winning decathlete from the 1976 Olympics from the man/woman I saw Friday night. I think he is very brave and of course he has me thinking of issues I have never considered--mainly how being transgender is completely different than being gay and wondering if gender dysphoria is a mental illness and should surgery to change your genitals ever be an option? I read a wild comment over at the NYTimes from a lady who said some people want to have their limbs cut off because they "identify" as an amputee but you'd never hear of a surgeon who would agree to cut them off for them. Wow! If Bruce wants to wear a dress and nail polish, I say why not? But don't do the surgery, Bruce!

    As for politics, I already have a headache and we haven't even heard from the rest of the clowns who are going to throw their hats into the ring. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Chris Christie, his cronies, and his law firm all receive indictments this week for their part in the Bridgegate scandal. It would be like a very early Christmas present! Whee! xx

  5. Interesting perspectives Jill. The Bruce sitch is just bizarre although I don't have an opinion positive or negative re his choice, I do wonder if the craving for massive prime time celebrity spotlight had any influence...even subconsciously. I can see the Bruce as new woman Reality Show getting huge ratings with some celebrity at any cost man becoming his new love with every first kiss, hissy fit, "do i look fat in this" moment performed in front of a couple hundred million voyeurs.
    I've never liked Chris Christie and whoever did orchestrate that Bridgegate payback nonsense should do a little time in the pokey.

  6. I am proud of Bruce.

    I take the attacks against NOW and other women's organizations as what they often are: misogynistic attacks, especially in an election year. There are radicals on each end of the spectrum. I would say that overall NOW has helped women more than hindered. Since, in my opinion, we still live in a society that devalues women (and I am not speaking for America as I am not American), we need all the organizations, of all political stripes, to continue to raise the issue. What gets lost is that far too many women - mostly poor or women of colour - are abused or murdered annually, and mostly by their partner or because of their occupation. I'd like to see an action plan for THAT in 2016...

  7. oh and ps - as for Bruce speaking out, as far as I am concerned, he will save lives by doing this so publicly - there are no true celebrities in the transgender/transvestite community. They just got one, and the support of his family, who like it or not are very influential, will change perspectives.

    1. Very well said Wendy and agree re NOW as overall a very positive influence and just as the New York Times is a great newspaper, great institutions need to be held to the highest standards and called out when they get a couple things wrong such as not sticking up for JA at NYT or SA at CBS.
      The Bruce Jenner thing is just such a spectacle. I've never watched any of that stuff on TV and several women I know speak highly of BJ but think his ordeal could be just as inspiring to similar people in a forum not in prime time with Diane Sawyer, the media circus, etc. If his experience is made worse by the intense media focus, his example may do more harm than good I fear

  8. I find the whole right wing aversion fascinating. I started life as a socialist and have become libertarian as I've lost faith in much of the system. Feminist libertarians meet in a small phone booth and Bruce is most welcome to join us!

    1. Jen,
      I drove by that phone booth during one of your meetings. I was wondering if you 2 needed change for a dollar.
      I am a registered Libertarian too with very few good options re candidates.

  9. I know at least three teens who are transgender and though Bruce is not exactly a role model - or maybe he is, his connection with the K's make him less so, he's out there. Don't know how he can be a Republican too, good luck with that Bruce!
    Apropos of nothing, I've noticed a strange aversion here (Not on your blog, in the US) to the word "Feminist" (makes me ill when women say "Oh but I'm no feminist") All feminism is, is believing women are equal. Men and women should both be feminists, surely?

    1. Jody,
      I think several Feminist groups are politically partisan rather than just for equal opportunities and rights which is why you see so many Right leaning women wanting nothing to do with them. The ACLU is far more consistent in their support for Civil Liberties. They have vigilantly worked for Neo-Nazis to march in a Chicago Jewish suburb and minority teens getting fair treatment from law enforcement, seperation of church and State, etc. Historically, they have been pretty consistent on their principles regardless of their personal opinion of the individual.
      Re: Transgender: I need to do more reading on the subject as I'm not exactly sure what it means and if there is a legal definition or if all transgenders are in agreement what it means. I wonder if a men's top 100 rank tennis pro could declare himself transgender, have the surgery, and compete in Women's Wimbledon Singles and what the arguments for and against would be.
      I do remember Renee Richards from long ago but she really wasn't a threat to win being well into her 40s.