November 26, 2014

Order of The Leopard

Leopard Leopard gorgeous sight
On the Serengeti for the night
A Faux Fuchsian neutral to behold
Oh so fab on MaiTai as she foretold

(apologies to William Blake)

New Additions to the The Lion's Den Lexicon

Faux Fuchsian (rhymes with 'solution') - that which is of singular, striking, meticulous, colourful,                                                  and whimsical aspect

MaiTaition (rhymes with 'sensation') - of *mysterious background, perfect proportion, and regal                                                     bearing

*Den Intel Apparatus has uncovered new revelations (see below).

The Lion's Den wishes to bestow what shall soon be known as Fashion's most exalted honorific. the Order of The Leopard, on two most worthy ladies.

The Fabulous Faux Fuchsia

It was Faux Fuchsia who famously declared leopard her 'neutral' years ago and who was first to see the obvious and suggest MaiTai don the jungle beast...and the rest is history.

The Magnificent MaiTai
demonstrating a perfectly executed 'MaiTai Shim'

The Den bas been hard at work unraveling the fascinating mystery of MaiTai and it was in studying her legendary selfie pose aka 'The MaiTai Shim' ('Shim' being a frozen Shimmy) that gave us a clue that broke the mystery wide open. It isn't just any woman who has the, long, lean bodytype, and artistic grace to execute such a fabulous pose all while holding that alluringly  enigmatic smile of gently pinched ecstasy. In fact were she to be born a few centuries earlier, it would be the Mona MaiTai holding top honors at The Louvre. GSL's keen instincts told him to dispatch our Den Intel Apparatus to Moscow where our suspicions were confirmed. You see, our Darling MaiTai was formerly Maishka Taidova who defected from the Bolshoi back in the late '80s driving Yeltsin to drink.

Prima Ballerina Maishka Taidova performing for the Bolshoi Ballet circa 1987

With rightful honors now bestowed let us follow in Faux Fuchsia and MaiTai's elegant footsteps and see what leopard offers the rest of us

Posh purring in spies reveal our adored co-conspirator, Bebe,
was heating up the sidewalks of  Paris a couple days ago
in one of these

Posh in full throated roar with this fab coat
another hat tip to Darling Jane Hattatt
yet another smashing addition compliments of Darling Trudye
The statement this coat makes is: "I own the joint"

talk about sexy...!!!!

let's keep talking about sexy!!!

Leopard need not be "go big or go home" look how even a kitten's purr can add
pizazz to this otherwise ordinary skirt and top

let's get back to sexy!!!
Liz Taylor 1954
Matchy-Matchy with Mommy

Gene Tierney in publicity shot for The Egyptian

Carmen Miranda and now Miranda Rights have an 'entrapment' appeal

Revlon Ad from mid 1960s by John Rawlings
hat tip to Darling Jane Hattatt for previous 5 pics

...however some think leopard can be "a bit much"

Addendum: Heidi took me to the woodshed for originally omitting Jackie Collins...looking quite demure above.
Heidi, Jackie may be the High Priestess but little sis Joan here is no slouch
thanks again to Darling Jane Hattatt for her keen eye 

I would even wear this little outfit to the beach if I looked half as cool as Sal.
...yet another jewel discovered by Darling Jane Hattatt...

Leopard starts and ends with Faux Fuchsia and this is the highest form of compliance with her
commandment of  "Thou Shall not undercushion!!!"


I'd like to thank our Darling Trudye for her assistance in assembling these fabulous pics.

GSL & Little Sis (nearly 20 years my junior) who invited me out to Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow. Technically,
she's a 1/2 sis and we've only recently reconnected after almost 20 years due to her recent
marraige and moving to a distant suburb. I love having a little sis!!!
Greyfriars Bobby's  vigil continues for Bebe's
safe return.


  1. How very lovely! And what a good looking family---with an UNCANNY resemblance to the YOU which always comes through in your words. Wow. Exactly you.

    I come to you redolent of cornbread and onions, with the dressing crumbled and tossed and bagged, the butternut squash-to-roast cubed and in the fridge, the pecans toasted and candied, the beans strung and snapped, and a kitchen warm with broccoli and cauliflower steam., Two cakes, a pie, some marshmallow treats, and a tray of Red Velvet Cupcakes up on Caro's table for tomorrow. Turkey has been immersed in the brine in a big white plastic can since last night, and will kiss the coals about eleven a.m. for our three o'clock dinner. Broiled fish and pilaf tonight, I think.

    Hope all is well and happy with you, and many blessings of the season,


    1. Oh my dear dear Rachel, yours is a kitchen at full battle stations and I'm just about to slip on a pair of gloves lest your local coppers dust that Red Velvet Cupcake tray for prints....with alibi notarized, I'll be en route to little sis's just as your brined turkey kisses the coals.
      A very Happy Thanksgiving to you dear Rachel !

    2. ....and my highest compliments on yet another beautifully written post.

  2. This leopardian(new word,too) post turned out really well! Honoring two very lovely and stylish women! It was fun feeding the lion in The Den!
    How wonderful that you have reconnected with your sister,G! I hope you two can start some new traditions of your own and enjoy a day of good food,goodwill and lots of laughter! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you again Darling T for the big assist; your eye is quite keen! I hope you and Dr G also have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hang on - you forgot Jackie Collins! How could you? She is the High Priestess of Leopard print.
    Love the pic of you and Lil sis. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving GSL!

    1. My dear Heidi,
      GSL has taken corrective action over this egregious omission and High Priestess now in attendance. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes.

  4. Just recently expanding my horizons with leopard-- a few scarves, a few blouses, a few pairs of stockings. Definitely feel hot, R-A-W-R, and confident wearing animal print. A new pair of leopard patterned pumps sound like just the thing. A neutral that I could see working with almost everything in my closet.

    Wishing our handsome Lion and his beautiful sister a wonderful Thanksgiving Day together.

    1. Well thank you my dear Emily and it only takes a hint of leopard to upgrade an otherwise routine outfit into what everyone remembers. I could definitely see you rocking a pair of leopard pumps!
      Many thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes which are reciprocated along with the excitement of the upcoming nupitals of your handsome son and his beautiful bride.

  5. I'm not a leopard lady, it has very different connotations in my home country. But count me in as a Bobby and GSL fan!
    Your sister is a beauty. Happy thanksgiving, darling!

    1. Are you Italian AB? Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear!!!

  6. Love leopard too but like chili must be used correctly and in doses. Happy thanksgiving

    1. Hi Naomi,
      Leopard certainly does have a 'hot sauce' aspect to most as just a dash can add zing to an otherwise ordinary outfit and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  7. Leopard print is not my neutral.
    I prefer my leopard, jaguar and ocelot on the cat.

    1. My dear Curator,
      I guess it should be said that The Den only promotes faux animal prints (not real pelts) and we'd like to know more about what puts your wardrobe into high gear aside from those charmingly subversive scarves.

  8. Replies
    1. ...that would look good on you Curator and always what GSL has in mind when he helps his ladies "slip into something more comfortable"

  9. I have dabbled in leopard but it is not my neutral....I'll leave that print to the Faux Fushia's and Mai Tai's of the world.
    How wonderful that you have reconnected with your sister! Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast with your family.

    1. I really think FF is the only creature on 2 legs that can actually put leopard in neutral. Many thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes and all my best to you and yours at the bungalow....especially my buddy Chester.

  10. As you know, I'm a late starter with the leopard, and I still feel a bit 'mid-life crisis' when I wear it, but I love it on others.
    Your sis is gorgeous, GSL. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Ruth,
      You would absolutely rock the leopard handbag/pumps with white shirt/long me on this and commence stopping traffic and turning heads.

  11. If it wasn't for Faux Fuchsia, I'd still be leopard-less. Will be eternally grateful to her, it's such a fun wardrobe pattern to play with. The ankle boots in look #3 are da bomb (bravo Trudye for finding these images!). Wonderful picture of you and your sister. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. My dear MaiTai,
      We would love to see you don those ankle boots. I'll be soon ordering a few of your acarf rings everybody raves about for sis, Auntie J, and dear Mum for Christmas gifts so they too can have a touchl of MaiTaition glamour.
      We love what you and The Fab Ff bring to Fashion and Style!

  12. Love that pic of you and little sis - wow she is a stunner. Just trying to think who she reminds me of? That is so lovely that you are reunited. I never see enough of my brother and he only lives a bridge away in San Francisco - mind you it can be a good hour in bad traffic
    MaiTai should hold tutorials on how to do the most fab selfie. She gets it all in and looks so comfortable too! (was she a former model? she looks like one).
    I have yet to action the old animal print, thus far everything I try looks wrong on me, but am still looking for one piece that has loads of camel color in it that would go with my grey dress.
    And a special thanks for all your kind emails to finally get me back blogging again - four weeks its the longest I've been off for!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Jody,
      So glad to have you back! I can't imagine leopard ever not working for you; it seems like a natural and could easily imagine you rocking that magenta dress with leopard cloak, black gloves and updo. Loved your Thanksgiving pics you just posted. MaiTai really is "da' bomb" as all those gals in her salon say.

  13. Not yet brave enough to go full throttle cat, but did once own a bag of the leopard persuasion, which I paired with black. Too much pattern confuses my poor eyes but these women look wonderful in their spots.

    I do hope you had a fabulous time with your newly found sis yesterday. I'm sure you charmed every guest at her table.

    1. My dear CD,
      I'm astonished to hear that any daughter of the Tommy Nutter Atelier would have the slightest hesitation going full throttle cat?!?! Pairing leopard with that fabulous frock coat your father made would look great on you!

  14. Your sister looks lovely! She reminds me of Elisabeth Hasselbeck (sp) and has such a great smile.
    I wear my fair share of leopard prints, preferring it paired with red; but don't wear it half as well as, FF and MT.

    1. She does look like EH ! Now paring leopard with red would make for a powerful eye-catching combo must let us have a peek sometime. FF & MT certainly do know how to strut their stuff !

  15. finally a photo of you! so handsome and your sis is stunning. i love my leopard sweater and it get lots of compliments whenever we go out. also i have a pair of leopard loafers that i think turn larry on. lol

    1. Thank you Janet for those kind words and once again what a great triumph you staged for that fabulous wedding with the best wedding vid I've ever seen which that hauntingly beautiful Patsy Cline song so perfectly captures. What an interesting crowd of good looking people were assembled and as Tabs put it so well aside from that gorgeous Jean Harlow lookalike bride you were the great beauty in a crowd of beauties. The Gardener's Cottage has cornered the market on cool and even this confirmed bachelor would now consider making his way to the alter if he could have a wedding cake on the back of a '49 GMC Pick-Up.

  16. Your spies were correct (I thought I spotted them on Abbesses) and I too, can only use a touch of leopard here and there. I can only wear an animal print in homage to the creature, never as a faux-skinning. It's just me-I like it on others.
    Those pictures are delicious.

    1. Bebe,
      The Den thinks you're one of 'the others' to like it on, We think that leopard pencil would work wonderfully on your next Chicago visit.