July 10, 2017


Just love FLOTUS rockin' the Red Cape!

The recent G-20 summit was nothing short of a triumph for The Den's new 'It Gal' Melania Trump.

We just love how Melania works colour!

My Estella and I have our daily phone chats that always include the latest fashion offerings featured on The Daily Mail which we both never miss.  Estella, after four decades of GSL tutelage, has developed a keen eye but always wants to hear the GSL verdict from on high.

FLOTUS isn't afraid to have a go at  unusual, interesting, but still perfect for occasion outfits. Estella thinks she's fab but thinks she'd be even more so with shorter. darker hair. GSL disagrees. Melania, keep doing what you do!

We both love Melania and to my best recollection she hasn't made a false fashion move since Inauguration Day.  She's gradually becoming more comfortable at podium and it must be quite nerve racking delivering a speech in the 4th or 5th language you learned while under intense scrutiny.

Everybody knows how The Den loves Winter White!

Love this!
Melania can work Summer White too as this was from last July's Republican convention.
Yes, she took heat as her speech writer had lifted some rather mundane passages from Michelle Obama's speechwriter.

...and this!
Mrs. Trump's LBD
Estella, those long locks add dramatic updo volume!
Getting Shifty...

The Flapper-Fringe comeback is official.

...updoing by day
This young girl wanted a selfie with FLOTUS at a children's hospital.

....and more colour!!!

Looking smashing in emerald green when arriving in Poland,

At the G-20 summit there were lots of stylish First Ladies:
With Melania is France's First Lady Brigitte Macron a former school teacher who married a man several years her junior. I'm sure a RomCom is now being developed where a 41year old teacher and her 15 year old student meet cute.
She does have a nice set of gams but the dress is too short for a G-20 First Spouse event.

Hemline Issues...
Brigitte Macron with Argentina's Juliana Awada. I'm old enough to remember when it was considered bad form for forty-something school teachers to cavort with 15 year old boys and micro-minis on 64 year old women at Official State Functions was a no-no.

Moving on...

Melania with Argentina's First Lady Juliana Awada during a recent White House visit. GSL would love some Bilateral Negotiations with Ms Awada.

This is where it all started.
I was at the Inauguration back in January and this is one of the greatest outfits I've ever seen.

and then a backlash...
Many noted that Melania was 'channeling' Jackie.

The days following Inauguration had some Jackie fans viciously hating on our Melania and some members of the press have been conspicuously mean spirited to Melania, Ivanka, and several women associated with the Trump White House. GSL didn't like the Love Jackie-Hate Melania mud slinging that ensued as I don't think many of those hating on Melania have thought this through.  GSL is a Jackie fan but like most of us, she wasn't perfect and had some unflattering moments.

We wonder if those hating on Melania do so because she is the wife of a man they think won a rigged Presidential election or they think she's fair game for marrying a "vulgar billionaire".
The classy Aristotle Onassis used to boast to a former Senior Kennedy White House Advisor (I believe it was Ted Sorensen) in disgusting detail about bedroom activities he enjoyed with our former First Lady the previous evening. When Ari died, Jackie shook down his grieving daughter for $35million on the airport tarmac before the Greek Shipping Magnate's body was cold.

We do know Jackie Kennedy despised Martin Luther King, and would publicly belittle teenage daughter Sweet-Tooth Caroline when she ordered dessert and tell her she was getting fat and nobody would ever want to marry her.  Jackie told designer Oleg Cassini how she wanted to wear classy outfits that fat middle aged American women couldn't get.  From what I've read, Jackie was a world class Fat Shamer.  When Melania's husband mentions how a female employee "sure likes her candy" or returns fire on Rosie O'Donnell who had mocked his physical appearance, he's labeled a misogynist while Jackie remains beloved as a Style Icon to Instagram Feminists.  The classy Rosie O'Donnell speculated over twitter to 1.1 million followers whether Melania's 11 year old son was autistic.  GSL's first instinct is to be protective of devoted mothers of young children and doesn't like seeing them being attacked by those who keep two sets of books.

Jackie Kennedy was a fine First Lady and devoted mother with great style and grace and the same can be said about our current First Lady.